Why Floyd Mayweather says ‘loyalty’ kept him supporting Gervonta Davis: ‘I’m proud of him’

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Floyd Mayweather just announced his next exhibition fight.

Floyd Mayweather used to promote Gervonta Davis’ fights and right before his fight against Ryan GarciaGervonta stopped working with “Money’s” enterprise and during his training camp, continued his rift with Mayweather, accusing him of not letting him use his gym to train after he barred him.

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About the issue Mayweather explained that “Tank” has been through a lot and that’s why many times that he posts stuff on social media he understands because he’s older and wiser, acknowledging he wasn’t always like this.

“I’m not worried when the press wants to say stuff to turns us against each other,” Floyd mentioned during his next exhibition fight presentation press conference.

Gervonta Davis

Then Mayweather explained why he has always believed in Gervonta Davis, ever since he was a young boxer with huge potential.

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“I always tell him: ‘I took you in the beginning because I wanted to see you be great, I wanted to see you have huge PPV numbers, I wanted to see you win'”

“Money” then expressed that he’s gladly impressed with Gervonta Davis’ development.

“I’m proud of him. When he says struff on social media, for me he’s still a kid, and when I was his age a did the same thing. I didn’t have a Floyd Mayweather to support me or tell me what’s right or wrong,” Mayweather sentenced.

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