Charlie Woods commits to NDSU Golf

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Bismarck Braces for Blizzard While Golf Enthusiasm Persists

Amidst the preparations for an impending blizzard in Bismarck, signs of vibrant golf activity continue to flourish.

Recently, the stage was set for what can be dubbed the golfing equivalent of the “Super Bowl” – the 2022 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. As this prestigious event unfolds, numerous households find themselves temporarily fatherless, captivated by their television screens, avidly soaking in every moment, especially this year, which promises extraordinary excitement. And if that wasn’t already remarkable enough, brace yourself for this: Charlie Woods, a prodigious 13-year-old golfing sensation and the offspring of none other than Tiger Woods, has officially inked an agreement to join the golfing roster of North Dakota State University!

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Charlie Woods a

The announcement hit me like a bolt out of the blue, prompting my eyes to pop out comically, reminiscent of a cartoon character.

Picture me on a leisurely Saturday afternoon, mirroring the habits of countless others who now wield their phones for their modern-day purposes – no longer just for calls, but for a comprehensive sweep of social media platforms such as ESPN, Facebook, and, naturally, Google. Then it happened – a headline on ndsuspectrum.com practically leaped out at me: “Charlie Woods Commits to NDSU Golf.” A surge of disbelief and astonishment coursed through me. With eager anticipation, I delved into the article, meticulously devouring each and every word.

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Charlie Woods

According to ndsuspectrum.com, “Woods finalized his commitment to NDSU in February…” The intriguing saga, however, remained concealed from the public until the recent weekend. The university elaborated in a press release, stating, “We deliberately ensured all loose ends were tied before raising expectations.” Remarkably, as I read this, Tiger Woods himself was participating in the Masters Tournament, staging a remarkable comeback from last year’s life-altering car accident. As the astonishing narrative unfolded before me, a sense of disbelief lingered, which persisted until a specific detail caught my attention:

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Adorable…but hold on, we’re not in the realm of April Fools’ jests; in fact, quite the opposite. April 9th had come and gone, and in hindsight, the very first clue was this:

And in a sudden revelation, it became apparent that I had fallen for the ruse…tip of the hat to you, Andrew.

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