Mike Tyson: ‘I thought I died…’ as legendary wrestler reveals he compared ordeal to 2017 coma Ric Flair was put in a medically induced coma following a 2017 surgery And smoking marijuana with boxing legend Mike Tyson was apparently similar DailyMail provides all the latest international sports news

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Ric Flair has put himself in some pretty precarious situations in the ring, but the wrestling legend thought he was in danger when smoking marijuana one time.

Flair who has a marijuana line under the boxer’s ‘Tyson 2.0’ brand, said ‘I actually thought I died’ during the ordeal – and compared it to the medically induced coma he was placed in during 2017.

‘All of a sudden… it finally hit three o’clock in the morning and I kinda sat up in blur and went, ‘I’m back,’ the 74-year-old wrestler said on Theo Von’s ‘This Past Weekend’ podcast.

‘I called someone on the phone and said, ‘is this really you?’ That’s how screwed up I got

Mike tyson and Ric flaire.’

The wrestler said that people weren’t talking back to him when he talked to them, and remembers saying to himself, ‘I can think. And I don’t think I could think when I was in my coma.’

Flair was placed in the coma after suffering complications from bowel surgery,  including kidney failure.

In speaking to Von, the wrestling legend admitted that he went way past his usual tolerance as he tried to keep up with Iron Mike.

Mike tyson and Ric flaire

‘I just said, ‘I’m gonna smoke as much as you right now brother.’

The pair have been in business since August 2022, following Flair’s final WWE appearance that prior July.

Tyson 2.0 sells edibles, vapes and pre-rolls, and according to an interview with New Cannabis Ventures, the company is ‘profitable and sitting in a strong position.’

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