“Don’t Do It, It’s a Scam”: Fans Disappointed After Floyd Mayweather Announces Recent Partnership

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Floyd Mayweather, a name synonymous with boxing glory and shrewd business acumen, continues to make waves both inside and outside the ring. The former champion’s portfolio extends far beyond boxing, showcasing his prowess as a strategic operator in various domains. From investing in real estate to endorsing luxury brands, he’s proven his ability to navigate diverse industries.

However, despite his business ventures, ‘Money’ has never been one to shy away from giving back his wealth. Notably, his recent act of kindness saw him extend relief to over 70 flood-affected families in Maui, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact. Following this, he has now come out and announced his latest partnership with a sports betting bookmaker and crypto casino.



In his latest move, Mayweather has joined forces with Betify to create an innovative and engaging gaming platform. The partnership taps into his reputation as a formidable athlete and gamer, promising users an unparalleled interactive experience. Moreover, players can look forward to winning $5000 after a giveaway was announced. Fans can also get to meet Mayweather himself, even potentially competing with the boxing icon in various tournaments.

The collaboration also paves the way for exclusive merchandise, allowing fans to own a piece of Mayweather’s legacy. Signed gloves and limited-edition t-shirts are just a glimpse of the offerings. However, despite the promising potential of the Mayweather-Betify partnership, recent sentiments among fans have shifted toward disappointment.

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