Why Phil Mickelson should be KICKED OUT of golf’s Hall of Fame for causing…

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Phil Mickelson should be KICKED OUT of golf’s Hall of Fame for causing ‘irreparable damage to the game’, claims Brandel Chamblee – as he slams US icon for leading the LIV Golf charge

  • Phil Mickelson has become one of the most divisive players in the world of golf 
  • The 53-year-old played a leading role in the breakaway rebel tour, LIV Golf

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Phil Mickelson should be removed from golf’s Hall Of Fame after causing ‘irreparable damage’ to the sport, Brandel Chamblee has claimed.

Mickelson has become one of the most divisive players in the world following his leading role in the breakaway rebel tour, LIV Golf.

Phil Mickelson

The Saudi-funded venture is now set to join forces with the PGA Tour and Chamblee considers Mickelson’s ‘greed’ to have been a decisive factor in reshaping the sport.

‘I don’t think he has any business being in the Hall of Fame,’ the former player turned analyst told Golf.com.

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‘He’s caused irreparable damage to the game. And if the Tour’s philanthropic aspect dies, the autopsy should read LIV. It should read Phil.’

Chamblee suggested Mickelson, a six-time major champion, was the one player who could ‘really make a difference’ as LIV sought to shake up golf’s status quo under CEO Greg Norman.

Phil Mickelson

‘They wouldn’t have been in the dilemma if if it wasn’t for Phil,’ he said.

‘When you look at the the different players that defected to LIV, there was the you-wouldn’t-look-at-him-twice-in-Home Depot Taylor Gooch to the testosterone twin peaks of Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson, to the flatulently egoed impresario Greg Norman.

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‘But Phil was the only one that could really make a difference. He was the only one. And he was not motivated by altruistic thoughts.

‘He was moved and motivated by greed and that tilted the game in that direction. And so when I think about the dilemma that the Tour was in, it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for Phil.’

Phil Mickelson

Chamblee has become one of golf’s most outspoken and controversial analysts, with critics even suggesting he is a ‘a paid actor’ for the Golf Channel and NBC.

He insisted this week that when ‘presented evidence that contradicts mine… I’ll absolutely change my opinion’ but Chamblee maintains ‘there’s nothing Phil could say to me about LIV that would have any merit.’

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‘Phil is in an indefensible position morally,’ he said. ‘What he’s doing is morally indefensible and he knows it. And people that are close to him know it. And he knows that. So what Phil is doing is trying to sell a lie and nobody sounds more insincere or stupid when they’re trying to sell a lie.


‘And that’s what he’s trying to do. And that’s what MBS (Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman) is trying to do. And that’s what LIV’s trying to do. They’re trying to sell a lie. And I’m not buying it.’

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He added: ‘You’d have to be a complete moron not to know it, but Phil admitted they were bad people, and then in the next breath said that he could use them for leverage. And that’s what made what Phil said and everything that’s transpired since then about Phil so, so incomprehensible and sad.’

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