Tyson Fury takes dig at Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather while driving “little” car

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Tyson Fury took aim at Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather while explaining his reasoning for driving around in a Volkswagen Passat during an episode of his Netflix show.

The world heavyweight champion was jetting off to Spain with wife Paris during the fourth episode of their documentary series At Home With The Furys. And during their drive to the airport she asked why they were going in the less glamorous motor as opposed to one of his fleet of fancy sports cars.

He explained that if he travels in style, the public will swarm his car in an effort to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, while they won’t think twice about the driver of a Passat. Fury is one of the most famous men in the UK, and would attract a lot of attention from fans while out and about.

tyson fuiry

“When I’m in this little car here doing 50 miles to the gallon, get up!” He told his wife. “Ain’t no Conor McGregor here, ain’t no Floyd Mayweather here! Ain’t none of them bums here, I’m the GK [Gypsy King]! King of the chavs, we drive Passats! God, I’m such a legend aren’t I?”

He declared himself “king of the chavs” on multiple occasions during the episode, telling Paris while he was packing his bags that he wouldn’t need smart shoes due to that nickname. And while speaking to the cameras, he declared that he “doesn’t do fame”, opting to instead concentrate his celebrity into particular moments.


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