Sean O’Malley on Targeting Gervonta Davis: I’m Planting The Seeds, We Can Have a Conor-Floyd Situation

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UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley has once again expressed his desire to get in the ring with boxing superstar Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

Last month in Boston, in the aftermath of his second round knockout of Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292, O’Malley called for a future showdown with Davis at the post-fight press conference.

O’Malley explained that he’s planting the seeds to create another crossover financial blockbuster like Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.

Sean O’Malley

Back in 2017, Mayweather came out of retirement to face McGregor in a boxing match. At the time, McGregor was the UFC’s biggest star.

Mayweather would break down McGregor and stop him in the tenth round.

The event itself was one of the most financially successful ventures in combat sports history, with over 4 million purchases on pay-per-view.

“We’re both undefeated boxers. It just make sense. That’s what you do when you’re both undefeated boxers, you go out there and you see who’s the best. Before that I was calling out Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis before they fought. Gervonta beat Ryan and it’s just a fight I would like in the future,” O’Malley told the MMA Hour.Terence crawford

“I’m not calling for it next, I’m not saying this thing’s happening next. I need to go out there, knock out my next guy. He needs to go out there, continue to build himself and then we can have a Conor-Floyd situation. I’m not as big as Conor right now, he’s not as big as Floyd. So, I’m just planting the seed, letting it grow.”

O’Malley has already discussed the possibility of facing Davis with UFC executive vice president and chief business officer Hunter Campbell.

“I talked to Hunter before about the fight,” O’Malley said “He said, ‘Hey, listen, if it’s a big enough fight, the UFC’s gonna wanna do it.’”

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