Tiger Woods mentions his golf Mount Rushmore but a lot of fans are not happy about his choice

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For many, golf legend Tiger Woods is already amongst the best to ever play the game but he is perhaps the only one from the modern era who people can remember properly. The truth is that Tiger Woods has dominated golf for many years and he didn’t slow down until he began suffering all those personal issues. But before him, the biggest golfing legends were born at the start of the 20th century. Golf purists will immediately tell you that their own Mount Rushmore doesn’t even include Tiger Woods. But the golfing legend is truly convinced he deserves a spot in golf’s Mount Rushmore. But let us look at the numbers and see if Tiger Woods truly deserves to be on this list

Golf’s Mount Rushmore

When you say Mount Rushmore in any sport, you need to be referring to the four best people in the discipline you are talking about. This is an American term that is often used to describe the best of a specific sport without leaving too many names out of the list.

Tiger Woods In golf, the Mount Rushmore could be Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Bobby Jones. All of them legends in their own right but none had the chance to face Tiger Woods because they were from different eras. When asked by PGA of AmericaTiger said back in 2018: “My all-time Mount Rushmore of golf? Ok, well, probably (Sam) Snead, (Bobby) Jones, (Jack) Nicklaus… me.”

Golfing fans were not happy with Tiger Woods‘ choice, they consider Ben Hogan to be one of the greats as well. But this happens every time people start talking about their own favorite sport’s Mount Rushmore. We’ve had most professional sports over the last century with all of these sports presenting great athlestes from different eras. It’s only natural people are not happy with any specific choice but Tiger Woods does have some impressive stats. He shares the top of most PGA Tour wins with Sam Snead (82). Plus, Tiger won The Masters five times and only Kack Nicklaus won more than he did (6). Is Woods correct to place himself amongst the very best?

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