Why isn’t Rafa Nadal playing at the 2023 US Open? Injury status

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Nadal’s absence from the 2023 US Open marks the first time he has missed the tournament since 2016

Rafael Nadal, a tennis legend who boasts an impressive record of 22 Grand Slam titles and has previously held the top spot in the global rankings, is notably absent from the 2023 US Open. His decision to skip the tournament is a result of a hip injury he sustained earlier this year during the Australian Open. This absence is keenly felt, especially considering Nadal’s four-time champion status at the US Open.

Rafael Nadal’s injury status

The 2023 tennis season has been challenging for Nadal due to his recurring hip injury, which first emerged in 2018 and required two surgeries. This persistent issue resurfaced at the Australian Open, leading to an early exit in the second round.

Rafael Nadal Consequently, the question of “Is Rafael Nadal playing in the US Open?” became a pressing concern. Unfortunately, his medical team has recommended an extended break from the sport, raising doubts about his return in 2024 and even suggesting the possibility of retirement.

Comparison with previous years

Nadal’s remarkable streak of participating in the US Open dates back to 2005, during which he clinched the title four times. In 2022, he competed as the second seed but fell short in the semi-finals against Novak Djokovic. His absence in 2023 marks the first time he has missed the tournament since 2016, and combined with other player absences, this year’s event promises a level of unpredictability.


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