Amid His Father Tiger Woods’ Disheartening Hiatus, Son Charlie Woods Takes Over the Reins in Dominant Display of Skills

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The beauty of the sport of golf is that it is never restricted by age. Usually, golfers start to display talent in the early stages of their lives. Such was the case for Tiger Woods when he first made his debut in the golfing cosmos.

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Charlie Woods, on the other hand, appears even more promising at an earlier age. He has golf running in his blood and is swiftly following in the footsteps of his father, making incredible shots and turning heads every which way. While Father Woods is on sabbatical, Woods junior made an exemplary shot that left fans reeling.

Charlie Woods is just as competitive as his father

Charlie Woods

Earlier this season, during the Masters Tournament, Tiger Woods made the heartbreaking revelation that he would be withdrawing from competitive golf indefinitely. This was a difficult decision that the golfing legend had to make in light of the pain and discomfort caused by the injuries he sustained in February 2021.

While fans did receive a bit of hope when the 47-year-old golfer was spotted at the Old Palm Golf Club, walking comfortably around the course, his return to PGA Tour events remains in question. However, his son, Charlie Woods, certainly turned a few eyes in his direction when he took the tee shot yards ahead of his competitors. The incredible shot was captured during the Notah Begay III Junior Tour, wherein Tiger Woods was spotted caddying for his son, which is a massive encouragement for the aspiring golfer.

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The driving distance between Charlie Woods’ first shot and the other kids’ was significantly longer. Young Mr. Woods seems to have landed it in the rough, whereas the other boys safely kept it around the fairway. But he is Tiger Woods’ son, so he loves a good challenge and lives for competition.


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Although his extraordinary shot was truly inspiring, it isn’t the first time he’s dominated the course with his impressive drive. In fact, just a few months ago, Woods’ Sr. himself made a revelation about the 14-year-olds’ drive and how the golf legend himself could not keep up!

Is Charlie Woods the longest driver in the Woods household?

Much like his father, young Charlie Woods has a massive fan following. Golf enthusiasts and even PGA Tour pros often want to learn more about him. Hence, back in December last year, when Woods was competing in ‘The Match” against Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, the 3-time major winner asked him about Woods’ Jr. game, specifically, “Is he out-driving you?”

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The 15-time major winner’s answer was quite shocking! Instantly, and dejectedly he stated, “I hate to say it, but I’ve got to admit it: he finally did it.” However, the saving grace was that it was a one-time thing for now! Woods explained that he had “spun one” while his son had “tomahawked” it and beat the golf legend on that drive.

It certainly seems like Woods Jr. is already on his path to greatness, however, when the time will come when he’s regularly outdriving his father, remains to be seen!

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