“I Don’t Know if Crawford…”: Former Opponent Shawn Porter and Guest at Crossroads Over Potential Canelo Alvarez vs. Terence Crawford Fight Prediction…

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The Canelo Alvarez–Jermell Charlo fight had Canelo outclassing Charlo as he controlled the fight and landed fiery punches on the fellow undisputed champion. A round 7 knockout ended the brawl and Canelo emerged victorious.

JUST IN: Why Tim Bradley BOLDLY Says Terence Crawford has 30-40% Chance At Beating Canelo Alvarez In a recent episode of The Porter Way Podcast, ShowBizz The Adult and Actor Robert Ri’chard joined host, Shawn Porter to recap the fight and discuss which new fighter Canelo might lock his antlers with. Terence Crawford was brought up as a potential opponent.

Terence Crawford VS Canelo Alvarez

Crawford, known for his ability to switch comfortably between stances and being the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world currently, is also the undisputed Welterweight champion. What predictions do Showbizz and Porter make about a potential showdown between the two titans?

While discussing Saturday’s fight, Showbizz posed the question of whether ‘Bud’ could put up a better fight against Canelo than Charlo did. Having witnessed the bout first-hand and observing the rage with which Canelo destroyed Charlo, the musician himself did not believe that Crawford could take on Canelo after climbing not 2 but 3 weight classes. “I heard the punches he hit Charlo with. Don’t know if Crawford could absorb those punches. I know he is a great man, a great warrior, but you come from 147 to put up a better fight than Charlo?  Don’t even know what that means.”

Porter, however, did not quite agree. According to him, the fight was too short and Canelo was not challenged adequately. Had it extended to more than 9 rounds, Canelo’s punches would have fallen weak. That is where Crawford would enjoy his advantage after having given Canelo a hard time defending.

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Canelo Alvarez

Who is Canelo Alvarez fighting next?

After the Mexican star gave fans a show of his power by taking down the younger Charlo twin, we are now curious about which fight he will pocket next. A few names such as Jermall Charlo, Terence Crawford and Dmitry Bivol pop up. Though Canelo does not seem to pay much heed to who he fights next, he is insistent on it being on Cinco de Mayo.

Jermall Charlo, who was originally to step up to Canelo before his twin took up the task, might decide to come out of his passive state for a fight with Canelo. Crawford, who secured a decisive win against Errol Spence Jr. might also get in the ring. The only concern was that he would have to climb three weight divisions from 147 to 168. A rematch with Bivol might also be made possible. Who do you want to see battling Canelo in his next match?

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