“Can’t Be Serious”: Fans in Disbelief as Claressa Shields Contradicts Boxing World’s “Robbery” Allegation

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“Can’t Be Serious”: Fans in Disbelief as Claressa Shields Contradicts Boxing World’s “Robbery” Allegation for Erickson Lubin Fight

In the world of boxing, every match is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, a high-stakes drama that leaves fans on the edge of their seats. The bout between Jesus Ramos and Erickson Lubin left a lot of fans seething. Fans strongly suspected that Jesus Ramos fell victim to a daylight robbery after his intense match against Erickson Lubin in a title eliminator bout.

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The fight, lasting all 12 rounds just prior to the Canelo vs. Charlo fight, was undeniably brutal. However, when the scorecards were revealed, outrage swept through the crowd, fueling the belief that Ramos had been unjustly dealt with. However, Claressa Shields, the female boxer, left a rather contradictory observation.

Claressa Shields

Unforeseen Turn: Jesus Ramos vs. Erickson Lubin

The atmosphere was electric as fans finally got to witness the highly anticipated T-Mobile Arena bout. Jesus Ramos, who had an impressive track record, went against a rather fresh-faced Lubin to defend his title. While it seemed like Ramos clearly outboxed Lubin, according to Boxing News 24,  the judges decided against it and ruled in the favour of Lubin in what was a close 12 round. Claressa Shields quickly took to Twitter to dish out her pride. Lubin put on a boxing clinic!”

Undoubtedly, the tension in the air was palpable. Fans quickly took to the comment section and left a mix of scathing remarks. While the majority of fans were clearly boiling over the results, some fans found a silver lining. Like this fan, who claimed the fight made him some money.

A fan remarked that a fresh Erickson Lubin tarnished Ramos’ pride.

One fan made an observation that Ramos lost due to inactivity

Team Ramos showed up too. Like this fan, who made a sarcastic comment about Lubin’s boxing prowess

Millions of people, displeased with the final result, found resonance in this simple comment.

The fight took an unexpected turn, leaving fans in utter disbelief. Ramos, once hailed as the favorite, found himself struggling against Lubin’s relentless onslaught. The cheers that had filled the arena were now replaced by gasps of astonishment. It was a battle of epic proportions, a clash of titans that no one had seen coming.

Claressa Shields

Lubin’s victory, although shocking to many, underscored the essence of the sport: its unpredictability and the ever-present underdog story. Clearly, his triumph serves as a reminder that in the world of boxing, anything can happen, and no one can be underestimated.

As fans grapple with their emotions and analyze every punch thrown, one thing remains certain–the sport of boxing continues to captivate, surprise, and unite people from all walks of life. Without a doubt, the Canelo vs. Charlo match last night with its twists and turns will be etched into the memories of fans, reminding them that in the ring, as in life, resilience and determination can lead to extraordinary outcomes. So, what do you think? Who should have won the bout? Tell us in the comments sections below.

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