SEE HOW Tiger Woods And The ‘Humbling’ Call of Duty Saga; The Recent $153.9B Partner Ditch Exhibits The PGA Tour Icon’s Long Lasting Love…

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The gaming fever has finally set in in the golfing world! The legendary Tiger Woods, who has been associated with the $153.9 billion apparel giant Nike for over 27 years now, was spotted in Call of Duty merchandise at the golf course. Nike has been synonymous with Tiger Woods for a long time, and his love for the video game must be on an insane level to be ditching his longtime loyal brand.

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As we all know, Tiger Woods has since turned pro and taken multiple long breaks from golf due to his injuries. It goes without saying that during the recovery period he had a lot of free time in hand, which apparently he then used to fine-tune his gaming skills!

charlie woods and tiger woods

Tiger Woods’ love for Call of Duty takes center stage on The Late Show

The 82-time PGA Tour winner made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert back in 2016, where he dived into various conversations ranging from Arnold Palmer to Donald Trump, but what amused and struck the chord the most with his audiences and fans was his love for Call of Duty.

Usually he would spend eight hours practicing daily; however, following his injury, he was advised to refrain from hitting the range, which left him with a void of eight hours. The 15-time major champion gladly filled this gap, avidly playing Call of Duty.

Hilariously, he also mentioned, “And when 7-year-olds are beating you from around the world, (it’s) humbling.” So it’s clear that he has a long way to go before he attains legendary status in the gaming world.

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Charlie Woods and Tiger Woods

The old love for the game, however, has resurfaced now yet again, with the golfer being spotted in the merchandise of Call of Duty. It’s safe to say that during this break too, which he’s been on since his last appearance at the Masters, it’s possible that he’s once again been playing his beloved video game.

However, perhaps he won’t be spending as much time in front of the screen as he used to since the golf champion has finally started returning to the course, thanks to his son Charlie Woods, for whom he has been seen caddying.

Woods’ recovery and fans’ hopes for a golf comeback

The legendary golfer is on a path to recovery, allowing his body the necessary time to heal from the injuries he has sustained. A persistent lower back issue had been troubling him, and the unfortunate car accident only compounded his physical challenges adding injuries with his leg and ankle to the mix.

Now, fans eagerly anticipate his return to the competitive side of the sport. Although he has been seen walking with some difficulty, it’s evident that it will be a while before he makes a comeback. Fans are eagerly waiting for the day when he will trade Call of Duty for the real game—golf!

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