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Female boxer Claressa Shields challenges Jake Paul to a fight

Not the first time she called him out

Claressa Shields, the reigning champion in women’s boxing, believes she has what it takes to defeat Jake Paul.

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During Saturday night’s match, Paul managed to go the distance against former UFC star Nate Diaz in a 10-round contest.

While the social media influencer-turned-boxer succeeded in knocking down Diaz, he fell short of securing a knockout and Shields has issued a challenge to Paul for a bout.

“Yes facts remains I’ll get Jake Paul too,” Shields wrote on Twitter. “The level that of skill being displayed is mediocre.”

Challenged him in the past too

This is not the first instance of Shields calling out Paul, as she previously asserted in 2021 that she could triumph over him in a boxing match due to her experience sparring with male fighters of higher caliber.

Jake Paul is making his money, he’s doing his thing, but stay away from us real fighters,” she told TMZ.

“And anybody out there that say ‘Oh, Jake Paul will destroy her because she’s a woman’, … I’m the greatest woman! So, no, Jake Paul won’t do nothing with me and if he think he can, he can come see me.”

Despite Shields‘ assertive comments, it appears highly improbable that Jake Paul would seriously entertain the notion of facing her in a fight.

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