Watch: Ngannou knocks down Fury as historic heavyweight upset looms

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Follow live coverage of Fury vs Ngannou as well as the undercard bouts as the WBC heavyweight king takes on the former UFC champion

Fury vs Ngannou, round ten

It’s the tenth and final round. Fury needs a knockout. He needs to go for broke.

Fury is staying patient. He’s waiting for that one shot to turn this around. Ngannou is happy to keep him on the outside. He’s controlling the centre of the ring and sitting pretty. Two minutes left.

Fury is waiting for Ngannou to lunge forward but he hasn’t done it all fight and he sure isn’t doing it now. One minute left.

Is Fury going to throw caution to the wind? He is still waiting, waiting, waiting. Does he think he’s ahead? Surely not. He throws a big left hook, finally, but it doesn’t land.

Fury vs Ngannou, round nine

Time is slipping away. This is it. The bell rings.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we may have just witnessed the biggest upset in the history of combat sports.

Fury rushes in and eats a jab. I can’t believe how poorly he has performed tonight.

He attempts to establish his jab but is caught by another straight right, which rocks him backwards. Ngannou isn’t coasting here. He is still the aggressor.

Fury dodges a couple of jabs. Ngannou’s mouth is wild open but he’s keeping the pressure up and again backs his opponent up. Fury attempts an overhand right which Ngannou deflects. He needs to do so much more than that.

Fury vs Ngannou, round seven

Fury keeps flicking out the jab, trying desperately to force an opening. But so far it hasn’t been there. Fury wins the round but unless he does something very special in the final three minutes, he is going to lose this fight.

Ngannou proving he belongs

Nobody — including me — gave the MMA star a shot against the heavyweight superstar in Fury. I didn’t think he had anywhere near the skill to compete with one of the most technical boxers of our generation. But between the Round 3 knockdown and multiple combinations landed in Round 8, we all need to rethink that notion.

Fury vs Ngannou, round eight

Good right hand from Fury to start the round. But Ngannou clinches. Smart boxing. Fury needs to keep the pressure up but he is caught by a counter left. It’s a big shot from Ngannou but Fury wears it well.

Fury vs Ngannou, round five

Fury tries the right uppercut that felled Deontay Wilder. It doesn’t land. Ngannou then attempts to back Fury up and he lands a couple of big, stuff shots. Fury comes back and again he tries that uppercut but, so far, it just hasn’t been there.

Ngannou gets to work. Fury is digging so deep to hang on here. He looks like he is on wobbly legs again and he is so, so ragged. He tries to counter but he’s struggling to land anything meaningful and Ngannou isn’t relenting.

Fury does well to see out the round without touching the canvas again. But that’s not enough at this stage. Fury survives the round but he only has two left to turn this around.

Tyson Fury needs to get on his bike because he only has four rounds to pull this one out of the bag.

And shots like that won’t help! A sharp right hook glances off Fury’s chin. Ngannou is boxing so well in there. And he then lands a straight left!

Fury vs Ngannou, round four

This is truly incredible … Fury is hanging on. He hasn’t yet been able to turn this around.

Fury throws a big right which lands but he then loses his balance as he rushes in. He’s down to the canvas for a second time … but this time it’s ruled as a slip.

The round ends at distance. Ngannou is three rounds away from one of the greatest upset victories in the history of sport. Fury has three rounds to avoid a total humiliation.

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