“Nobody Knows Who You Are”: Claressa Shields Slams Shadasia Green Amid Ongoing Beef

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Claressa Shields is coming off strong after a spectacular unanimous victory against Maricela Cornejo. After putting down Savannah Marshall, she has again proved why calling herself the ‘GWOAT’ is not really an exaggeration. Although, many thought the Marshall rematch to be a viable choice for Shields, ‘T-Rex’ doesn’t want to do another fighter in the United Kingdom. From the commercial perspective, Shields vs. Marshall 2 would be a bigger fight in the UK than it would be in the US.

So, Shields is starting to turn her attention towards the rising 168 star, Shadasia Green. For some time now, Shields and Green have been going back and forth, and after Cornejo, the world wants the Undisputed Champion in the Middleweight division to prove her might next against Green. Recently, she even slapped back at Green’s harsh statements.
Shields was in attendance at the enthralling Heavyweight event between Anthony Joshua and Robert Helenius. In an interview at the fight, she talked about how she’s ready for any challenge that will be thrown at her. She stated she was ready to fight Savannah Marshall and would also be fine with going against Shadasia Green.
Claressa Shields
Well, Green watched the interview, and instantly talked about the Michigan native on the X. She wrote, “We shall all bow down to her! We must not respond or else we are hating. I was too busy enjoying myself yesterday to catch this but let me grab my brush.
After this, Shields slammed back stating, “Just be glad I even mention you b*** nobody knows who you are!!!! Literally! Tell [Jake Paul] to do a better job at promoting you!

After this, Shields also said that she’s only giving a chance to Green because she’s blatantly claimed that she can easily beat her in a boxing fight. A month ago, she had talked about the prospects of their fight together. Well, as per the demeanor of Shields, it’s quite obvious that she doesn’t consider Green to be a worthy opponent against her. This is quite apparent from her past statements as well.

Shields wasn’t impressed with Shadasia Green’s recent performance

On August 5th, the day when Jake Paul went against Nate Diaz, on their undercard, Shadasia Green also flaunted her boxing prowess. Green showcased her immense ability to fight technically against Olivia Curry, as she grabbed the unanimous victory against an Iowa-born orthodox boxer. Although many fans were satisfied with the performance of ‘The Sweet Terminator’, one person wasn’t really impressed.

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