“Let It Out”: Claressa Shields ‘Crying’ on Social Media Draws Fans’ Support for Their “Loved Champ”

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After her victory over Maricela Cornejo inside the squared circle, Claressa Shields recently re-signed with the PFL. Responding to her fans who wanted her “back in the cage,” Shields declared that she and the PFL “signed a great seven-figure deal“. While the undisputed Middleweight champion was excited to “return to a fighter-first organization,” Peter Murray, the CEO of the Professional Fighters League announced that it was a “privilege” to re-sign ‘T-Rex’ to a “new multi-year agreement“.

In the wake of re-signing with the PFL, energetic and happy Shields even stated that within two years, she would win the PFL championship belt. Undoubtedly, on the surface, everything seemed to be fine with Shields. However, while everyone expected the champ to enjoy the time of her life, the 28-year-old recently uploaded a post of her crying.

Taking to Instagram, the undisputed champion shared a brief clip of her crying. According to her, crying is simply a method of getting rid of negative energy. While Shields did not go deeper into why she was crying, the 28-year-old informed her fans that she was “okay“. “Crying is just releasing negativity energy,” Shields wrote. “I’m Okay!” exclaimed Shields.

Claressa Shields

Reacting to Shields’ post, one said, “Crying is the weakness leaving the body. You know you got warriors behind you“.

Meanwhile, one assured Shields that she was aLoved Champ“. “Most Powerful Woman,” they added.

On the other hand, one encouragingly wrote, “Yes let it out. I cry all the time. Lift my head up and thank the Lord“.

Similarly, one said, “Love you @claressashields let it out so you can activate your superpowers!!!

Finally, one fan assured Shields that she was beautiful in “any kind of way“.YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. @claressashields Now cheer up and do what you do and kick some butt,” they added.

What do you make of Claressa Shields crying? Do you see a particular reason behind posting the clip on Instagram? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. For all the latest boxing updates, follow EssentiallySports!

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