“Can’t Do It Anymore”: In Absence of Jonathan Owens, Simone Biles Faces a Tough Challenge at Home

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Away from bars, beams, and vaults, Simone Biles is known to be a huge dog lover. She shares her love for furry companions with her husband Jonathan Owens. Biles owns two adorable munchkins who are French bulldogs named Lilo and Rambo, and Owens has one French bulldog named Zeus. Previously, all seemed to be happy in the family of five. But things seem to have changed now.

The dogs loved to spend time together, and the parents brought their fur babies to the frame often. But a bizarre problem surrounding the four-legged members of their family has surfaced of late and the Olympian seems to be struggling to contain that. As an escape, she has reached out to her Instagram family for help, owing to her growing woes and concerns.
According to her post, it seems like her pups, Zeus and  Rambo are not going along anymore. Urine marking wars are not uncommon among pups, but it seems Biles is not amused. She wrote in the caption, “im at my WITS END with these boys… I don’t know what to do anymore to stop them from having dominance. PEE wars in the house… we’ve tried – sprays – diapers -obedience training anything you can think of we’ve tried it. it’s gotten so bad that they started peeing on the concrete outside to mark…… im starting to think they need to be separated – home wise.”
Now, the situation is such that the Olympian is thinking of a separation for good. It seems keeping two male dogs in the house is getting more troublesome with each passing day. Though the tone was funny, her deep concern showed prominently. They’re now urine marking almost anything and their mom is thinking of making a  decision as hard as giving them away.
Simone Biles

She also added, “I’m lost, but I can’t do it anymore, HELP?” The word help in bold letters made the gravity of the situation understood, making it a cry for help and an SOS/mayday. The following story further said, “& mind you next year we move into our new house…. which means new places to mark.”

With this, Simone’s attachment to her new home once again comes to the forefront. The 7X Olympic medalist shared some posts on her Instagram handle recently. As the construction of her dream house progresses, she is getting excited to unveil the regal mansion in all its splendor and glory.

Earlier this year, the Owens started building their dream house. Recently, they updated their fans with brickwork paired with the caption “loading.” Later, she showed her “favorite view,” the lush greens, which were nothing short of magical.

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