Mike Tyson jumps in the ring with Mexican singer Peso Pluma for surreal Billboard performance

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Mexican singer Peso Pluma was joined by boxing legend during his Billboard Music Awards live performance on Sunday. Pluma, who sang his hit “Rubicon” on the night, was escorted by ‘Bike Mike’ to the stage which was made to look like a boxing ring.

The two were wearing boxing robes as they made their way out to the ring before Pluma broke into song in front of an enthusiastic crowd that clearly couldn’t contain its excitement. The singer was also joined by a seven-piece band on stage. It made for quite the spectacle.

Mike Tywon

After the show Tyson, who watched the artist perform from the side of the stage, returned to the spotlight to give Pluma his award for Top Latin Song.

“Give it up to the people’s champion,” he said. Pluma humbly accepted the award: “Thank you everyone. Thanks, Mr. Tyson, for being here. Thank you to all the fans, thank you for all the love and the support. And I’d like to thank the Billboard Awards for having me here. Thank you very much.”

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