Gervonta Davis Challenges Rapper To Bare-Knuckle Fight

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Gervonta Davis has challenged rapper HoneyKomb Brazy to a bare-knight fight. “We can one with no gloves on!” Davis wrote on Instagram. This was in response to Brazy saying “When u want to do it I’m really like that. I’m not dodging no smoke. Real prison baby.” Furthermore, this was the follow-on to Brazy, unprompted, claiming that he could beat Davis in a one-on-one fight.

Davis is 29-0 in his boxing career, most recently having beaten Ryan Garcia in April. However, any boxing plans for the rest of the year were derailed after Davis was placed under house arrest (and later jailed) for a March 2021 hit-and-run arrest. At the time of writing, Davis has not announced any plans for his next fight. However, options include Vasyl Lomachenko and William Zepeda.

Another potential fight could be Shakur Stevenson. Davis’ contemporaries in Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia both took shots at Stevenson after Stevenson eeked out a win in his lightweight title fight versus Edwin De Los Santos. “Stop that scared narrative … nobody was ever scared of that bum!” Haney wrote on X. “Imagine going to this fight for Formula 1 weekend, I would ask for my money back and go straight to bed, that’s how sleepy I’d be from being there,” Garcia wrote on his own account. Both men have feuded with Stevenson over the course of 2023 and are each viewed as a future opponent for him.

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However, even Stevenson was critical of his performance. “I had a bad performance tonight. That’s all I’m really focused on. I wasn’t feeling too good, so I’ll live with it. It’s OK. I didn’t feel good before the fight. Honestly, I had already told myself that if I feel like this in the ring and if it’s not going well, I’m going to make sure that I box and get the victory. I don’t make excuses. It happens. We go through a lot as fighters,” Stevenson told ESPN.

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