Anthony Joshua admits he got ‘battered’ by Jarrell Miller in unreleased footage from Gloves Are Off

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At the start of 2019, the heavyweights announced that they would fight in June in New York to mark AJ’s USA debut

This sparked a trash talking rivalry between them, which exploded at a highly entertaining press conference.

Joshua and Miller seriously disliked one another, but ultimately were never able to settle their feud in the ring.

AJ ultimately ended up fighting Andy Ruiz instead as Miller failed three drugs tests.

Miller tested positive for GW1516, HGH and EPO in an unprecedented hat-trick of failed VADA tests, the likes of which the sport had never seen before.

As a result, he was removed from the bout and has not been back at the top end of heavyweight boxing since.

Fans were disappointed to see the fight scrapped, and later realised that one programme from the promotion would now never be aired.

After their press conference, Joshua and Miller filmed a traditional face-to-face sitdown programme for Sky – The Gloves Are Off.

Anthony-Joshua and jerrell miller

It was teased to be another entertaining encounter, even featuring a rap battle between the pair, though when the fight was scrapped it was never broadcast.

The unreleased footage retains an odd mythical status to this day and Joshua told iFL TV when discussing it this week: “The AJ vs Miller Gloves Are Off?

“I’ll be honest yeah, in Sky [studios] it was 1-1 in face-offs.

“I got battered though, we had a freestyle battle man.

“Miller’s got bars. I was just taking shot after shot after shot.

“I was thinking, ‘This motherf***er man.

“I hope they don’t show that. If they do I want some royalties.”

As things stand, the below teaser clip is the only footage to ever air from the exchange.