After Sharing Setbacks at Home, Simone Biles Drops a Happy Pre-Holiday Surprise With “Favorite People”

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As December 2023 begins, Simone Biles is all geared up for the holiday season. Her festive spirit has been evident ever since she and her husband, Jonathan Owens, had their fall photo shoot in Green Bay. But back home in Houston, things were not merry and bright.

Days ago, she shared the setbacks in the construction of her future dream paradise with her husband. Yet, despite the chaos and hurdles, she has brought holiday cheer to her fans in a pre-holiday surprise with her favorite people.

In the latest Instagram update by Olympian Simone Biles, she shared a captivating pre-holiday surprise with her 7.1 million followers. She posted a 5-image carousel post dressed in an Athleta collaboration, a brand with whom she has partnered since 2021. In the images, Biles exuded confidence with her makeup and hair on point in a soft-neutral glam, complemented by delicate gold jewelry.

The collection featured comfortable sportswear in rich fall shades of red, black, metallic gray, bottle green, and brown, accentuating Biles’s stunning personal style. This holiday post by Biles came as a happy surprise, as just days ago the gymnastics queen faced many hurdles with her casa construction in Houston.



Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens have been building their dream home in Houston ever since the lovebirds were engaged. Fans of the couple have also eagerly joined in on the journey of “Home Build,” right from the lot clearing day, foundation pouring, and construction of the framework to the dry walls being installed. But in the latest update by the gymnastics GOAT during a “trim walk,” she was left in distress. She revealed that what was anticipated to be a brief “30-minute thing” turned into an extensive 6-hour stay on the property.

Although the specific issue was not disclosed, it became apparent that challenges had arisen concerning the walls and ceiling during the construction. The situation left her confused and anxious, and she stated, “Called my dad for backup yesterday bc I panicked! but I’ve made so much progress & I’m so proud of myself,” she wrote. 

Despite all the latest chaos, Biles still managed to not let the turn of events get her holiday spirits down, and the collaboration with Athleta came as a happy surprise for fans as well.

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