“Give boxing fans what they want” – Jake Paul has undefeated boxer in mind for Claressa Shields’ next opponent

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Claressa Shields and Jake Paul’s back and forth is consistently on the swing. Amidst her regular callouts of Paul, ‘The Problem Child’ now has an undefeated fighter in mind for Shields as her next opponent.

A back-and-forth of taunts and jibes between Shadasia Green and Claressa Shields has also been regular, which has the potential to build into an exciting bout. On the sidelines, Paul has also been a target of Shield.

Shields has claimed in the past that she can knock out Jake Paul in a bout and calls him a “mediocre” boxer, whereas the YouTuber turned boxer Paul has no love lost for Shields either. Paul reacted to a tweet from Shadasia Green in which she was calling out Shields, ‘The Problem Child’ while jumping into the conversation advocated for a possible bout between the two.

After Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz in a 10-round boxing bout at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on August 5, UFC president Dana White praised the Stockton native.

claressa sheilds and jake paul

He called the UFC the home of Nate Diaz while responding to a reporter in the post-fight media interaction at the ‘Dana White Contender Series’, who asked him about the former UFC fighter’s return to the promotion.

“I’ve always joked around about dealing with the Diaz brothers, but these two. You see it now. I mean, they’re two iconic fighters that 20 years from now, everybody will remember and talk about, and this will always be Nate’s house.”

“Nate grew up here. He came in on The Ultimate Fighter. He fought some of the biggest fights ever here. And we love the kid. I don’t know about fighting in the future, but this is always gonna to be his house, and you know, we’ll see.”

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