Floyd Mayweather vs. Paul Spadafora? I Say, Bring It On.

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Paul Spadafora anyone?

Count me as being in the minority when I say that if it happens, I’m all for it.  We’ve all heard the rumors about a possible Mayweather vs. Spadafora matchup happening in the near future and we’ve all heard the negative reaction with which it has been greeted.  It is to be expected I suppose.

But I’m here to make my case for this fight actually happening.  Mayweather vs. Spadafora beats the alternative, doesn’t it?

I mean, with Mayweather vs. Nobody, nobody will win.  Mayweather won’t win and, we the fans definitely won’t win.  Did I miss something?

Should we only want to see one of boxing’s biggest stars if he fights Manny Pacquiao?  It doesn’t seem like that fight is happening any time soon and people need to get past that.

Now let me provide a small disclaimer:  I am from Pittsburgh, but I don’t know Spadafora and other than the small buzz it would create around my hometown, I don’t have a stake in it whatsoever.  For me, as a fan of the sport, I just don’t see what would be so wrong with it.

Spadafora’s record, for those of you who don’t know, is 45-0-1.  That means he hasn’t lost a fight.  The names of his opponents aren’t exactly a who’s who of boxing, but I don’t believe it to be Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-esque either.

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Spadafora was a legitimate lightweight champion when he held the title and seemed to be on the verge of a big fight before he got into trouble.  Names being thrown around at that time were that of Arturo Gatti and the aforementioned Mayweather.

His legal problems are well-documented.  I could be speaking of either fighter, obviously, but in this instance I am referring to Spadafora.  He spent some time in jail and a mandated boot camp and by all accounts has been clean since he’s been out.

He’s won every one of his fights since he’s returned, albeit against lesser competition, and in my opinion is deserving of a bigger fight.  He was being trained by Pernell Whitaker, but that’s off and I don’t know if that would make for some kind of a setback, but at this point, he’s got to move forward.

For Mayweather, it’s possible that he does view a fight with Spadafora as merely a tune-up.  And that’s fine.  It has been suggested by, Steven “Breadman” Edwards from, someone who I believe is as knowledgeable as they come in the boxing media, that it could be plausible that Mayweather would fight Spadafora because it could amount to getting paid to spar in preparation for a showdown with Pacquiao.   

Isn’t Mayweather entitled to a fight like that?

I’m not suggesting that Spadafora is a “soft touch” in the slightest, but really, when was the last time he was in “soft?”

Since he fought Emmanuel Augustus in October of 2000, the only names that anyone can claim to have been somewhat of a “soft touch” are Demarcus Corley, Henry Bruseles and Sharmba Mitchell—and those guys were all above-average to good professional boxers.

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If it’s Floyd’s plan to fight Spadafora and then fight Pacquiao, or even Sergio Martinez, and all the while get the sparring to get him used to fighting southpaws, then so what.  It’s a good plan.  Boxing is a business and these guys are the product and if they’re going to get paid for it then good for them.

How many true boxing fans would really decide to skip watching a Floyd Mayweather fight if it was against Paul Spadafora?  My answer to that is not many.

I think the notion of that is silly.  Spadafora has fought most of his comeback fights at welterweight and he’s not a tomato can.  It’s not like it could be said that Mayweather would be fighting a small bum.  That’s not the case.

In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for watching Pacquiao fight Shane Mosley.  Yeah, that same Shane Mosley who was dominated for all but a minute in his fight against Mayweather.  There’s a difference between Mosley and Spadafora, for sure.  But is it really that big?

They can even pull out the old video of Spadafora and Mayweather sparring to hype it up.

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