Serena Williams’ inspirational surprise to Trinity Rodman after USWNT win: “It was amazing”

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US. women’s national team forward Trinity Rodman showcased her exceptional skills and left fans in awe during the recent friendly against China, contributing significantly to the team’s 3-0 victory.

Rodman’s standout performance included a goal, two assists, and a Milly Rock dance to cap off her stellar plays, making her the second-youngest player in fifteen years to achieve three goal contributions in a single game.

At just 21 years old, Rodman’s flair on the field has made her a prominent figure in the youth movement of the USWNT roster, coinciding with a period of transition marked by the arrival of new head coach Emma Hayes.

Rodman starstruck by Serena Williams

Post-match, Rodman shared an unexpected and star-struck moment when she learned that tennis legend Serena Williams wanted to meet her.

“I was like, Serena who?”Rodman exclaimed.

Despite having just completed a full 90 minutes of play, she had no idea that Williams was requesting to meet her.

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Describing Williams as “very sweet” and “very humble,”Rodman recounted the encounter with awe, emphasizing Williams’ status as one of the greatest female athletes in the world.

“She was very sweet, very humble, which is refreshing and amazing,” Rodman said. “And obviously we all look up to her, one of the greatest female athletes in the world. So to meet her in person and see how she was incredible.”

In a light-hearted exchange, Rodman faced a dilemma when Williams asked for her jersey, which she had already given to a fan.

Rodman had to go to the team’s locker room and dig through a dirty clothes bag to find a jersey she had worn earlier in the game to give it to the tennis legend.

Rodman, the standout in win over China

On the field, Rodman’s performance couldn’t have been more impressive.

Her early assist to Sophia Smith for the team’s first goal demonstrated her instinctual and intentional style of play.

The connection continued as Rodman assisted captain Lindsey Horan for the second goal, and in the 77th minute, she netted the third and final goal.

With seven goals in 27 capsRodman is proving to be a confident force both on and off the field. Interim head coach Twila Kilgore commended Rodman’s focus and detail-oriented approach to FOX Sports, highlighting her growth and impact.

She’s very clear on what she’s identified as areas she wants to work on, areas we’re asking her to work on. She’s been very detail-oriented in her approach to those things. We see that in training, you see that in games, and she’s starting to play more and more with the people around her, as well,”Kilgore said after the game.

Trinity Rodman’s stellar performance against China, coupled with the surprise encounter with Serena Williams, has fans excited to continue to follow her rise as a prominent figure in the USWNT’s future.

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