Terence Crawford disinterested in ’email champion’ Jaron Ennis

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That’s the view of many on social media and is a notion that World Boxing News agrees with. Here’s why.

Crawford clearly got the number of Spence, judging by their first meeting over the summer. A second fight doesn’t hold much weight or make sense for a lot of people in the sport.

However, Crawford taking on the number one contender in the division and the man plenty see as the next welterweight star would be a far smarter choice for ‘Bud.’

In the same ilk as Lennox Lewis facing an up-and-coming Vitali Klitschko [although by default], Crawford vs Ennis is the established legend against the new pretender.

Ennis has been likened to a young Floyd Mayweather but isn’t getting any younger at 26. It could be the right time to face Crawford and see what he’s got.

Terence Crawford on Boots Ennis

Discussing the matter, Crawford spoke about Ennis being handed the IBF title after he was stripped. The Omaha man gave props backhandedly, eventually stating Ennis wasn’t ready for him.

He also talked about facing Spence again.

Terence Crawford

“It’s not ideal how he [Ennis] would want to win [the IBF title]. I know he is disappointed he couldn’t win it from a champion,” Crawford told Fight Hub TV.

“If I were him, I would tell them [the IBF] I want to fight for it. I would rather fight the number three guy if I couldn’t get the other guy [me]. But it just seems like everybody is cool with being email champions.

“Just to be called a world champion, you got three belts, two interim belts, and now they are going to send him another belt. He is going to have three of the same belts.

“I don’t know if he waited a long time. I can’t knock him because I was in that position once before, waiting for my time trying to fight Spence.

“But I understand his frustration about getting these big opportunities and getting these guys in the ring with me. It’s part of the game.”

Future star

Asked if Boots will be his successor at the top of the welterweight division one day, Crawford replied: “Yeah, in the future definitely when Terence Crawford leaves the division.

“Right now, Terence Crawford is the ultimate of all ultimate in the division. I am the numero uno.”

On Spence invoking the rematch clause to face him again, Crawford said: It tells the championship mentality that he lost a grueling fight that night.

“He feels that it wasn’t his night. He wants to prove to the world that he can defeat me in the rematch, so I take my hat off to him. There was always respect from the jump.”

Concluding with a social media rant, the unified three-belt ruler stated: “I see a lot of Spence fans mad at me and jumping on Boots’ sack now! I love it.

“This is the same I got and heard for five years. I was scared of this and that. It’s okay if everyone accepts it.

“I’m great, and you’re all mad about it. Everyone I know is loving Boots right now, and that’s good. I’m happy for the young guy.

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