Floyd Mayweather filmed in heated row with Indiana Pacers mascot in Las Vegas

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Floyd Mayweather was courtside at the first-ever In-Season NBA Tournament Final between the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Lakers

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather was seen having a row with the Indiana Pacers’ mascot, Boomer, at the NBA’s first-ever In-Season Tournament Final. Mayweather, 46, was watching from the sidelines as LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers won the tournament, with each player bagging a cool £398,000 ($500,000) bonus.

During the game, cameras caught Mayweather in a tiff with Boomer, who was sat behind him. It’s doubtful Boomer could hear Mayweather under his big headpiece. Fans found the whole thing quite funny, with one joking that Boomer would be Mayweather’s next exhibition opponent.

Since hanging up his professional boxing gloves, Mayweather has been making a tidy sum fighting in exhibition matches against folks like Logan Paul and John Gotti III. “His next opponent for exhibition fight,” one viewer joked, while another started a poll asking who would win in a fight. With a day left, Boomer was leading the poll by nearly 90 percent.

Mayweather was spotted as James and the Lakers triumphed over the Pacers in Las Vegas. The In-Season Tournament has been hailed as a breath of fresh air and a roaring success. The Lakers players walked away with the trophy and their £398,000 ($500,000) bonuses, while the Pacers gained some invaluable experience on the big stage. Before this season, there were questions about what to expect from Indiana – but they’re currently fifth in the East and made it to the In-Season Tournament Final.

Floyd Mayweather in argument with Indiana Pacers mascot during LeBron James  game - Mirror Online

Their clash with the Lakers in December could be a great warm-up for a playoff run, which seems likely to happen next year. “The other really important thing was that our guys got a real taste of what the elevated stage is all about,” said Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle on Saturday night. “It’s so important to have this experience, to feel the intensity, to feel the glare and the glow, and to find out what it means to be totally together in an effort to conquer it.”

After the game, Pacers forward Aaron Nesmith said: “This was a championship game. Everybody wanted to win. Everybody wanted to cement their names in history as the first team to win the tournament. So it sucks. It sucks and it hurts.”

Just like Indiana, the Lakers are fifth in the West and the In-Season Tournament victory has James and his team hopeful of a playoff run. Last season, the Lakers reached the Western Conference Finals but were knocked out by the Denver Nuggets, who went on to clinch their first-ever NBA Championship.

Basketball star James shared his thoughts on the team’s current position, saying: “Right now where we are in December, I would take it. But I’m definitely not looking to May and June. That’s too far. There’s too many steps that need to be taken still in order for our team to be who we want to be once the postseason starts.”

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