Days After Dropping $15 Million on Shopping, Floyd Mayweather Carries Expensive Watch Collection for an 8-Day Trip

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Floyd Mayweather Jr, aptly nicknamed ‘Money,’ has once again made headlines with his extravagant lifestyle, leaving fans both awe-inspired and, in some cases, a tad bewildered. In the wake of a jaw-dropping $15 million on a shopping spree that could make even the most seasoned shopaholics envious, Mayweather took his high-rolling game to a whole new level during an eight-day trip, this time showcasing his prized possession—his expensive watch collection.

With a staggering net worth of $1.2 billion, Mayweather’s spending escapades are nothing short of legendary. Early Christmas shopping? Sure, but not in the way most people would envision. Mayweather, the champion of a bygone era, doesn’t just shop; he elevates it to an art form. Spotted at an arcade for holiday shopping, he had the entire shopping center to himself.

Whether you have one watch or eight, it serves the purpose of one thing, telling time. But not to Mayweather. The man is an aficionado for the luxurious life, and once you have gone down that road, you cannot go back.

So eight an eight-day trip deserves eight watches. His watch collection is quite famous in not only the sports world but in the fashion world as well. The diamond-encrusted timepieces, total to about a cool $18 million. This doesn’t even make a dent in his 1.2 billion dollar net worth.

Moreover, Money has various business endeavors, including a luxury champagne brand, and a gentlemen’s club. He undoubtedly leads an extremely cushy life. He and his diamonds are a match made in heaven. However, just before the holidays, Mayweather played Santa. The recipient? Himself of course!

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Santa Mayweather shuts down the mall

What sets Mayweather apart is not just the amount he spends but the flamboyance with which he does it. A closed store, the clock striking midnight, and Mayweather sauntering through the aisles with a bag brimming with hard cash. It’s a spectacle that has become synonymous with the boxer’s larger-than-life persona.

Fans, accustomed to Mayweather’s opulent lifestyle, were treated to a glimpse of his midnight shopping spree. While some marveled at the audacity and style, others couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at the ostentatious display. The question on everyone’s mind: How rich is Floyd Mayweather, and is there a limit to his lavish expenditures?

The $15 million shopping spree may seem exorbitant to most, but for Mayweather, it’s just another day in the life of ‘Money.’ Whether he’s in the ring delivering knockout punches or in a closed store splurging on holiday gifts, Mayweather continues to redefine what it means to live large.

As the echoes of his shopping escapade reverberate, one thing is clear—Floyd Mayweather doesn’t just carry a hefty price tag; he carries it with unmatched style. Love him or question his spending choices, there’s no denying that the man knows how to make a statement, even if it involves flaunting an expensive watch collection during an eight-day trip that only he could orchestrate with such grandeur.

What do you think about Money’s spending habits? Will his wealth last forever? Make your predictions below!

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