Serena Williams gets plaudits for her pie after awful start to baking

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Serena Williams just made her first pie, and her husband Alexis Ohanian is full of compliments for the tennis star’s baking abilities.

Ohanian couldn’t help but compliment Williams on her first pie-baking endeavour. The Reddit co-founder posted a photo of it on X (formerly Twitter) and praised his wife’s delicacy, awarding it a very high rating of 8.5 out of 10.

“Serena’s first pie is somehow already an 8.5 out of 10. She’s too good at baking,” Alexis Ohanian wrote.

Later on when answering a comment, Ohanian revealed that Serena was “bad at baking” before the lockdowns, but then she decided to up her game.

“She really was bad at baking before COVID, then she just decided to become amazing at it and here we are,” Ohanian added.

Patrick Mouratoglou doesn’t expect Serena Williams to mount a serious comeback.

He says that Serena Williams playing at her best is something that every tennis fan really wants to see.

“Do I want to see her play? I want to see her play again,” he told the WTA.

“Yes, yes, if she enjoys herself on the court. For that, she has to feel strong. If she doesn’t feel strong, she won’t enjoy herself.

“I want to see her play good tennis. If she can play good tennis, of course, I want to see her play. Everyone wants to see her play!”

serena williams

Mouratoglou believes that Serena Williams will only return to playing the game if she can give it her absolute all.

He feels that Williams will be kept far too busy away from the court to ever seriously contemplate a proper return.

“I think to be exceptional at something, and God knows she’s been exceptional, you have to be a little bit obsessive about it.

“You have to be 100% focused on the activity, otherwise even for tennis geniuses, it’s complicated.”

While Serena Williams may be disappointed with how her return to tennis from the birth of her daughter, Mouratoglou feels that the last legs of her stellar career will soon be forgotten.

“I think if she’s happy at the end of her career, that’s all that matters because nobody will remember the end of her career.

“You remember it now because it’s fresh, but everyone will remember what a champion she was, all the Grand Slams she won, the things she brought to tennis and how she made history. The end of her career is an anecdote.”

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