Claressa Shields’ Clip Hurting Her Male Sparring Partners Puts Internet on Fire After Video of Her Getting Knocked Down Went Viral

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Recently, a five-year-old clip of Claressa Shields getting knocked down by a male fighter during sparring went viral on the internet. As per the clip, in proximity, as Shields leaned in to throw her right hand, her partner threw a cross followed by a lead left hook.

While the partner, identified as Arturs Ahmetovs missed the cross, he landed the left hook to Shields’ chin and dropped the same on her back. Following this incident, footage of ‘T-Rex’ dominating male sparring partners in the gym has now been released.

After the old video of Arturs Ahmetovs knocking down Claressa Shields went viral, ‘T-Rex’ took to X and claimed Ahmetovs had not only cheated but put her life in jeopardy during that 2018 sparring session. While there was “no shame” in being dropped, the Undisputed Middleweight champion stated Ahmetovs had taken the padding out off his gloves to spar against Shields. Likewise, she also expressed her disgust for coach Derek Santos who, as per Shields, had permitted Ahmetovs to fight with a pair of tampered gloves.

In addition, Shields stated Ahmetovs had removed the padding because ‘T-Rex’ had “embarrassed him earlier this week.” Anyway, after fans speculated Ahmetovs knocking down Claressa Shields in sparring, footage of the two-time Undisputed champion hurting her male sparring partners was released.

American Female Boxer, Claressa Shields Goes Unclad On ESPN Body Issue -  Gistmania

In the clip, one can see Shields not only punching but effectively rattling all the male fighters she is up against. She is both quick and explosive. In addition, Shields is seen demonstrating impressive head movement and footwork. Undoubtedly, after the clip was uploaded, several fans lauded the same on X.

Fans react to Shields’ viral sparring

Frankly speaking, while several people argued that Ahmetovs did not actually cheat, Shields, who has improved a lot since 2018, certainly impressed several fans with the latest clip. Likewise, reacting to the mentioned footage, a fan said Shields was “clearly a great boxer.”

Meanwhile, one was surprised that the fighters walked out of the ring after sparring with Shields.

On the other hand, one declared that Shields is very tough in the ring.