Serena Williams’ Inspiration Propels Rising WTA Prodigy to Dare Big at the 2024 Paris Olympics

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Serena Williams‘ legacy can’t ever be measured in victories, she is so much more than that. Being a super inspirational figure, she has helped future generations to never give up on their dreams. While there are a lot of players who have idealized her, including Coco Gauff. There is one more name that has now been added to the list: 19-year-old Kenyan tennis player, Angella Okutoyi.

And now, after stepping into the tennis world, she has decided to take a huge step by entering the Paris Olympics 2024. Let’s take a look at what the 19-year-old has to say regarding her participation in the Olympics.

The year 2024, with its list of big events, promises to be a year full of opportunities for teenage tennis players. Angella Otukoyi is excited to give her best in the Grand Slam and the major tournaments on the WTA circuit. But along with that, in the upcoming year, she is ready to take a chance by playing in the Olympics. In a recent interview with Nations Sports, Okutoyi, who has idealized the 42-year-old American tennis legend, opened up about her chances on such a big stage.

Otukoyi said, “I feel like I have a chance to qualify. Winning gold in singles and doubles in the second Nairobi tournament gives me a lot of motivation for next year to work even harder to improve my rankings and qualify.”

As someone whose tennis idol is the 23-time Grand Slam champion, she has admired her hard work and determination, aiming to follow the same on the court. She came into the limelight when she won her first Wimbledon girls’ doubles title and made an impression in the tennis world.

But now that she has ended this year on a good note, the 19-year-old is quite confident about giving the Paris Olympics a try. Not only that, but last year she also talked about how the former world number one has inspired her.

Serena-Williams and her husband

Angella Okutoyi talks about Serena Williams 

Last year, she became the first Kenyan to win a girls’ singles match at a major tournament, the 2022 Australian Open. After the achievement, in a candidate interview, she talked about how she follows Serena Williams as her ideal.

She said, “Serena Williams’s story is inspiring. What she has achieved throughout her career is unbelievable. Her determination and hard work year in year out is what keeps me going.” Along with that, she also highlighted that she has also faced a lot of early struggles in her life, which she overcame to follow her dream of becoming a tennis player.

With 2024 being a big season for young tennis sensations, Angella Otukoyi will look to win big. Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on Okutoyi aiming for the Paris Olympics? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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