“He’s Still Going to Be Very Dangerous”: 7 Years After His Fight Against Canelo Alvarez, Common Rival Cautions Terence Crawford About Moving Up in Weight to Fight the Mexican

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Ever since his victory over Errol Spence Jr., the fame of Terence Crawford has known no bounds. With this new achievement of becoming the first two-division undisputed champion Crawford, appears to be at the top of the game, a phrase which cannot be attributed to Canelo Alvarez with his recent performances.

While ‘Bud’ has been receiving all the glory, Alvarez has found himself facing a lot of criticism from fans who think that he is not the same as he was before. Thus when Crawford set his eyes on Alvarez, fans were left divided. While some thought it would be an easy victory for Crawford, others had different opinions. Speaking on the potential bout, here’s what the person who has fought both of them has to say.

Amir Khan faced Canelo Álvarez back in 2016 and Terence Crawford in 2019. Even though he lost both fights, he only has good things to say about both of them. Reflecting on the upcoming challenge Crawford might face if he moves up to battle Canelo, Khan expressed concern. He said, “Boxing weight divisions are made for a purpose.” While he acknowledges Crawford’s prowess, stating, “pound-for-pound, the best fighter is Crawford,” he also warns of the dangers of facing a heavier opponent like Canelo.

Khan believes that even if Canelo is aging, his power remains intact, making him formidable. He pointed out, “Even though Canelo might be now getting a little bit older, might be slowing down a little bit. But he’s still going to be very dangerous.” Moreover, he emphasizes the inevitable challenges Crawford would face in preparation, including sparring with heavier opponents. He questions Crawford’s decision, suggesting that after achieving so much in the sport, perhaps it’s time to relish those accomplishments rather than pursuing unnecessary risks. Here’s what Khan thinks about the pound-for-pound better boxer between them.

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Khan hails Crawford as the best

In the realm of boxing, opinions on the top pound-for-pound boxer vary. While Canelo Álvarez’s stardom is undeniable, some believe Terence Crawford holds the edge.

Recently, Amir Khan shared insights after facing both champions. In an interview with Fight Hub TV, he stated, “Pound-for-pound, the best fighter is [Terence] Crawford. He beats anyone.” Khan further elaborated on the challenges of facing Crawford, noting, “Crawford, I couldn’t hit clean.” In contrast, he remarked on Canelo’s vulnerability, mentioning, “Canelo [Alvarez] is stronger and easily hit.”

Khan’s experiences with both fighters offer a valuable perspective. He faced Canelo almost seven years ago, succumbing to a sixth-round knockout. Yet, against Crawford, he met a similar fate but noted the distinct challenge Crawford posed.

While debates over the ultimate pound-for-pound boxer continue, Khan’s firsthand encounters provide a unique lens. The boxing world eagerly awaits more showdowns to determine the true champion.

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