Gervonta Davis pummelled Ryan Garcia’s liver and forced him to take a knee in surprising one-punch KO

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Gervonta Davis was the favourite heading into his fight with Ryan Garcia in April, and many were expecting him to win by KO.

However, a body shot victory was not predicted by many and so it came as a surprise when Garcia sank to a knee in round seven.

The fight began with a typically tentative start from Davis as he sized up his opponent in the early stages.

Garcia threw out some jabs in the opening round, though little of consequence landed for either man.

Early in round two, Garcia launched his first real attacks as he hurled combinations at Davis.

Tank clinched to negate these moments, though Garcia was relentless with his assault and had him on the back foot.

However, in an instant the round flipped on its head as Garcia missed with a left hook and Davis nailed him with a counter left of his own which knocked him down to the canvas.

Garcia quickly rose back to his feet and survived the round as he was not badly hurt – the knockdown reminiscent of the only time he’d previously been floored by Luke Campbell in 2021.

The third round was quieter as a result, with Garcia far more cautious having felt Tank’s power.

This allowed Davis to open up more and come forward as he made his opponent flinch with every feint.

Round four saw Tank continuing to box in a methodical fashion, picking his shots well and showing off impressive defensive ability to avoid all of Garcia’s dangerous left hook attempts.

By the fifth, Davis looked completely comfortable as he grabbed Garcia during a clinch and span him around. He then taunted his opponent by doing a 360 spin on his own once they were separated.

As they hit the halfway point, Garcia finally had some serious success by nailing Tank with a couple of hard right hands.

Gervonta 'Tank' Davis delivers seventh-round KO of Ryan Garcia with a liver  punch | DAZN News US

In round seven, he attempted to build on this success but was then smashed by a brutal body shot from Davis.

He was unable to make it back to his feet and the referee waved off the contest.

Garcia explained in his post-fight interview: “He caught me with a good body shot and I just couldn’t recover.

“I couldn’t breathe. I just couldn’t get up…

“Tank is a great fighter. I take my hat off to him. We talked a lot of s***, but it’s all love at the end of the day.

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