“The Kind of Power I Carry…”: Self Proclaimed “Dangerous Fighter” Sends a Stern Warning to Gervonta Davis

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In a recent turn of events, a fighter makes a bold claim and sends a stern warning to the undefeated boxer asking him to fight. Who is this boxer? The fighter is an American and is as old as, ‘Tank,’ and boasts a record of 13 victories with only two defeats. The pugilist is none other than Jose Valenzuela.

In a clip reposted by Fight Hype.TV, he suggested that if given an opportunity, he would fight Davis in a heartbeat and be very technical, starting out with, “If I fought Tank I would be technical about it. I would have my feet under me.” Amongst other claims, he asserted that he foresees him knocking Davis out.

Reflecting on the same, he stated, “You know, I also got long reach. So, I am a dangerous fighter and it wouldn’t be an easy fight for him, I’ll tell you that. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I knocked him out. Edwin, he made me look bad, I think, when he knocked me out. But he took it with a price. The next fight Chris fought, I was robbed, but he took it with a price.” 

He then went on to add, “And this last fight you guys saw the kind of power I carry. So you know an extremely well, good camp for the Tank, I can see myself beating him.” It is safe to say that Valenzuela is not short of confidence. Will his prediction come to light? Only time can tell. For the same, it is essential for Tank to face him first. But will he?

What is next for Tank?

The aforementioned question is not certain. However, his boxing trainer, Calvin Ford, did hint that something is being worked upon behind the scenes and it appears to be “Big.” Without explicitly stating his next opponent, the trainer of the undefeated boxer stated, “Right now, something big is coming. I can tell you that. It’s quiet for a reason. They’re trying to seal the deal. It’s gonna make the world turn.”

This development has the boxing world both curious and thrilled. Now, putting the ball in your court, who would be your ideal opponent for Davis? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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