Floyd Mayweather reveals his top three modern day boxers

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Floyd Mayweatheris a name synonymous with boxing and when he decides to assess the current crop of talent, people sit up and listen.

If fans were given the chance to ask Mayweather one question, they may well ask who he thinks the three best boxers in the world are right now.

As far as Mayweather is concerned, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Ryan Garcia and Gervonta ‘Tanks’ Davis are the best of the best right now.

Many expected him to name Devin Haney as one of the three, but given Haney has been pulling in nowhere near the pay-per-view numbers of the other three names, his omission seems logical.

Mayweather getting back in the ring

It was recently announced that Mayweather is going to be getting back in the boxing ring and he will be taking on Manny Pacquiao again.

Floyd Mayweather

Both Mayweather and Pacquiao gave one of the most legendary fights in boxing history in 2015 and now the Filipino raised his voice to announce that they will step into the ring again in 2024 in a new exhibition.

Pacquiao will come out of retirement and face another retiree, Mayweather. The Filipino had a moment of indiscretion and declared during an event in Tokyo, Japan, that there will be a rematch between them for 2024.

Money, who officially retired from the boxing scene as undefeated; and apparently this second fight will take place in 2024 much earlier than expected, and with both as retired and with political and business activities.

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