Mourning a Personal Loss, Terence Crawford Blasts a Fan for Disrespectful Remarks About His Dead and Alive Close Aides

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Is it ever okay to speak ill of the dead? Most people would say no, but not this X user! In a string of unfortunate events, Terence Crawford had to say farewell to two close friends within the past few months. First, it was Samuel Teah, who passed away in November last year. Now, the new year started with tragedy for ‘Bud’ Crawford, as his former manager Cameron Dunkin passed away.

‘Tsunami’ Teah became the unfortunate victim of gun violence during the last Thanksgiving holiday weekend after landing himself in a domestic dispute. On the other hand, Dunkin had fought cancer for quite a while and succumbed to the disease. However, an X user tried to make things worse for Crawford by making an insensitive remark about both diseased individuals and one of Crawford’s close aides, still living. So, the undefeated pugilist decided to rip the fan a new one on social media today.

On January 2, Crawford turned to X, sharing a heartfelt message after Cameron’s passing. Despite the sensitivity of the situation, the user remarked, “First Samuel yeah now Cameron Dunkin next is BOMAC.” Upon discovering the disrespectful comment, Crawford wrote back. “Bet you yo soft a** wouldn’t say that in my face,” ‘Bud’ wrote.

Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre is Crawford’s trainer and also a very close friend. The pair have known each other for nearly all their lives, having grown up on the same street. Before becoming a trainer, ‘BoMac’ was a boxer himself. But after noticing Crawford’s talent, he took Crawford under his wing. McIntyre was also in Crawford’s corner when he became the undisputed welterweight champion. Moreover, here’s what ‘The Hunter’ wrote about his departed friends.

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Crawford on Samuel Teah & Cameron Dunkin

Joining the likes of Teah’s manager, Sarah Fina, Terence Crawford wrote, “Rest in peace my boy! You was a great person.” On the other hand, Dunkin’s passing saw a similar controversy! Hours after Dunkin’s death was confirmed on social media by his family, boxing matchmaker Rick Glaser made an equally rude comment about the late manager.

“There’s no R.I.P. here, it’s Good Riddance Cameron Dunkin. The lies have now officially stopped,” wrote Glaser. Meanwhile, Crawford wished for peace for Dunkin after death and expressed gratitude for what his former manager had done for his career. “RIP Cameron Dunkin, appreciate what you done for me, the good and bad,” wrote Crawford.

While the undefeated boxer mourns the deaths of his friends, an insensitive remark from a user prompted Terence Crawford to write back a scathing message. What do you think about the situation?

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