Serena Williams’ GOAT Argument Over Margaret Court Receives Strong Dose of Opinion in Favour by Renowned Ex-Coach

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The impact Serena Williams has made on tennis is unmatched, due to which her fans continue to regard her as the GOAT even after she has retired. Not just her fans, but even the players she has gone up against in the past. Former coaches still use her game and attitude as examples to guide others and idolize. A recent incident around Patrick Mouratoglou, who never misses a chance to praise Williams, has gone viral online.

Just recently there was a discussion about who is the GOAT when it comes to tennis in the women’s category and a fan raised a question if it was not Serena but Margaret Court. And Mouratoglou came to Williams’ defense immediately.

A recent discussion started by Rafael Nadal about Roger Federer being the GOAT and not Novak Djokovic also ignited a similar discussion around women’s tennis. And Serena Williams’ former coach posted how sports metrics should only be the deciding factor when it comes to declaring someone the GOAT.

So, one of the tennis fans commented on his post that according to this Margaret Court should be the GOAT and not Serena Williams. To which Mouratoglou responded, “No because Margaret Court’s record was established before the Open Era, when tennis was not a professional sport. Cannot compare. Serena is the Goat of Women’s tennis.”


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So according to him, this discussion only revolves around the time when tennis became a professional sport. And this GOAT honor for Serena is not one man’s opinion. A lot of other tennis players also hold her in high regard. One of them is Naomi Osaka.

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