Floyd Mayweather’s Close Aide Responds to Fan’s Appreciation of 5X Champ’s $1 Billion Achievement

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Even after retiring, Floyd Mayweather can’t stop winning in life! So, when a fan congratulated Mayweather and business partner Leonard Ellerbe yesterday, the latter was quick to respond. Back in August 2017, Mayweather took on the famed UFC fighter Conor McGregor in a 12-round battle of wits and pride. By the time the fight ended, ‘Money’ Mayweather personified his moniker.

The five-division champion didn’t just win the fight – he became the first boxer to earn a total of $1 Billion from the sport of boxing. However, this fan just caught up on the news yesterday, as the fan congratulated Mayweather and Ellerbe on X.

Floyd Mayweather claimed great is great!


Back in June 2018, Mayweather shared a comical depiction of himself, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan in a graphic created by Bleacher Report. Besides the artistry in the graphics, it celebrated Floyd’s initiation into the Billion-dollar career earnings club. It read, “Floyd Mayweather 50-0! Hate it or love it…he now joins Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan in career earning[s of] over 1 Billion Dollars!!!”

Floyd shared the graphic with a caption reading, “Great is Great! No matter what, I’m a natural-born hustler!” Six years later, the fan retweeted, “Great job [Leonard Ellerbe] and  [Floyd Mayweather].” As unexpected as it was, Ellerbe saw the tweet from the user and responded with gratitude. “Thank you, Timmy,” wrote Ellerbe. However, it begs the question – since 2018, who else has managed to join the exclusive club?

Athletes who made over a billion dollars from their sport

Floyd Mayweather





While back in 2018, there were just three names in the billion-dollar club, that’s not the case anymore. The list has expanded with a few more popular names. The richest of them all still remains Tiger Woods with his $1.72 Billion, per a 2022 report from Forbes. Next is Al-Nassr FC forward Cristiano Ronaldo at 1.24 Billion. Notably – Woods has retired, but Ronaldo is getting paid over $200 million per year in the deal with Al-Nassr FC.

Up next to join the club is LeBron James, with the $1.16 billion that he earned from various deals and investments throughout his time in basketball. Moreover, Ronaldo isn’t the only footballer in the club. Even Inter Miami FC forward Lionel Messi made it to the club with $1.15 Billion in career earnings. Just shy of a few hundred million dollars is – Roger Federer, with earnings valued at $1.09 billion. Finally, Floyd Mayweather is at $1.08 Billion in career earnings, which may increase if he fights Manny Pacquiao in 2024.

Even though over half a decade has passed since Floyd achieved the billion-dollar earning status, Ellerbe decided to thank the fan for the congratulatory message for him and Mayweather. Do you think Mayweather can surpass other billion-dollar club members in the coming years?

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