Charlie Woods Updates: Is He Playing In January After Battling PNC Championship Alongside Dad Tiger Woods?

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The year 2023 saw Charlie Woods’ golf career take off. Tiger Woods’ son had a busy year and was seen shedding his cocoon to emerge as a force to be reckoned with at the junior level. After a path-breaking season last year, expectations from the 15X major winner’s son have been skyrocketing.

Tracing back to his jam-packed schedule of 2023, it is predicted that the 14-year-old will have packed 2024 as well. But one may ask, why hasn’t Charlie Woods started teeing it off already? After all, we are almost through with January. Here’s why!

Is Charlie Woods expected to be seen on course anytime soon?

CHARLIE WOODS and Tiger Woods

After his last appearance with his father at the 2023 PNC Championship, Charlie Woods’s next step has become something everyone in the golf world wants to know. However, a thorough analysis of his schedule in 2023 would reveal that the pro will not be seen teeing it up in the month of January.

The happy part of the New Year for this young star’s fans will most likely start in March, when he will begin his campaign in the Medalist Tour’s Martin Downs Tournament. But why so late?

Well, it can be due to a multitude of reasons. One of these might be the fact that he is still in school, and his academics might prohibit him from starting early in January. Junior Woods attends the Benjamin School. After a long winter break, the 14-year-old has resumed his classes, according to the famous school’s annual calendar.

Juggling a life in the public eye, academics, and a drive to become a strong golfer, just like his father, are truly some big stressors at such a young age. However, it is glorious to see the youngster balancing everything so well. His last performance was, in fact, something that made the golf world realize his true potential. But why?

Charlie Woods’s performance at the PNC Championship

charlie woods and tiger woods

The great display of skills by the famous scratch golfer at the PNC Championship alongside his famous father reminded the golf world how he is the future. Even though the duo could not win the Willie Park trophy, their swift performance in the final round was truly awe-striking. The father-son pairing finished tied for fifth place at 19 under par after posting a score of 11 in the final round.

Charlie also shot a chip-in birdie in the concluding round. Apart from this, the famous pro’s son is said to have an insane ball speed that can go up to the mid-170s with his driver, according to Notah Begay. Moreover, even after being a junior golfer, Woods Jr. stood alongside golfing greats like Nelly Korda and John Daly as the young prodigy chose to tee from a similar distance of 6,578 yards, as them.

All in all, even though Charlie Woods will not be seen playing in January, the golf world is keen to watch what strategic moves the legend’s son will make in the coming months.

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