“Floyd While Watching This Saying No Rematch”: Manny Pacquiao’s “Insane” Workout in Recent Clip Hypes Up Fans for His Return to the Ring

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Manny Pacquiao hopes to reignite his yesteryear boxing glories. To do so, he undertakes rigorous training that has left some fans impressed, and others hoping for a rematch with one of his infamous opponents.

Right before he ended 2023, the Filipino fighter braced fans for one of the most anticipated rematches. At the RIZIN 45, when asked if he would fight Floyd Mayweather in 2024. He noted, “I’m ready,” getting fans excited. In 2015, the two welterweight champions confronted each other in a historic clash. While ‘Pacman’ lost the fight, he still went down impressing fans. Today, when a workout clip of him found its way online, fans remain stuck on the Mayweather rematch, while still debating other avenues where he could make his potential comeback.

Manny Pacquiao prepares for his exhibition


In a video uploaded by FightHub on their YouTube Shorts, the southpaw fighter can be seen warming up with his light footwork. While showing off some impressive moves on his feet, he tries out some powerful combos. In anticipation of a formidable return to the boxing ring, he diligently undertakes preparations, illuminating his path with focused dedication. Amidst this strategic training, he harbors aspirations not only for an imminent bout but also entertains hopes of alternative opportunities, with the prospect of a rematch against Mayweather lingering in the backdrop.

At the moment, PacMan is slated to fight at Thailand’s Fresh Air Festival in April this year, against Buakaw Banchamek for an exhibition bout. While he has expressed his willingness to fight Mayweather for the second time, the latter has not made any formal confirmations as such. Apart from these, there have also been some whisperings about him making a comeback to the squared circle for his farewell bout. Currently, there is some uncertainty in the air. Nevertheless, the upcoming weeks will see the unveiling of his future plans.

For all of these high-profile clashes that await him, the only answer is his visit to the gym. However, are the fans excited to see PacMan in action after such a long time?

Floyd Mayweather

Critics bring up Mayweather and Yordenis Ugas loss

Footwork is something that the 62-8 fighter has received flak for. However, for his next era in the ring, he hopes to improve that. One fan thus appreciated the efforts, writing, “Sharp footwork.”

Pacquiao’s skills continue to support him. These skills include the speed of his punches that once fazed the likes of Adrien Broner and Kieth Thurman. The fan wrote, “Speed is still insane, both hands and feet!”

If ‘Money’ agrees to the rematch that Pacman okayed, he should be worried after seeing this video. One fan, therefore, noted, “Floyd while watching this saying no rematch.”

Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao agree to May 2 fight


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Meanwhile, along with the fans, there were some critics too. One fan was not in approval of his defense skills. They remarked, “Weak defense, still.”

Among the few losses he’s had, the most prominent ones remain the Mayweather one and then the Yordenis Ugas loss, which was his last fight in 2021. One fan invoked the bitter moment in his career, by saying, “Pac got spoon fed after the ugas fight …Stay retired.”

The realization of Manny Pacquiao’s pursuit for the fights he has targeted this year is still uncertain. Nevertheless, in the event that these opportunities materialize, he stands ready, as evident in this video.

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