Lennox Lewis Lauds Mayweather Promotions CEO and Floyd Mayweather for Their “Foresight” Amid Upcoming Documentary on 5X Champ’s Life

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Floyd Mayweather has lived a life of legends, so a documentary about his life shouldn’t come as a surprise. Neither was it to boxing legend Lennox Lewis, who praised Floyd and his business partner Leonard Ellerbe for the same on X (formerly Twitter) today.

Back in June 2022, TMZ Sports reported Floyd Mayweather was working with several Hollywood producers and investors to create a docuseries, ‘The Goat.’ Moreover, Ellerbe’s tweet from yesterday all but confirms that the series might soon be available to boxing fans everywhere. So, the only question is – what did ‘The Lion’ Lewis say about Mayweather and Ellerbe?

Lennox Lewis stressed the importance of Mayweather’s foresight

Floyd Mayweather

Things began with a fan asking the CEO of Mayweather Promotions whether they had all the unseen footage of Floyd’s career. In response, Ellerbe claimed, “We have all the footage, working on the doc as we speak, it gonna be sick.” He explained further that the docuseries will have all the behind-the-scenes footage used to describe Mayweather’s life and rise to ‘The Best Ever.’

That’s when Lewis jumped in the next day, claiming, “Not enough fighters have the foresight to hire a cameraman and photographer to record the good, bad and ugly of their careers.” He emphasized the importance of the same for boxers, stating, “I can’t stress enough how important this is. Good on Floyd to do this over an incredible career.” That aside, here’s what the man in the spotlight had to say about his docuseries!

Floyd Mayweather reveals why he decided to create the series

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Mayweather claimed, “I just feel the world should see a different part of Floyd Mayweather. I think the people should see a different part of me.” ‘Money’ is working with Deon Taylor and Roxanne Taylor from Hidden Empire, who will direct and produce Mayweather’s docuseries. Moreover, the richest boxer in the world suggested that he wanted to tell the story in his own way!

Floyd mayweather


He claimed, “The good, the bad, the ugly. I don’t want the people to think I take certain pieces out, and it’s all glory.” Later in the interview, Mayweather asserted that people have been asking him all his life to create a documentary about his life, and now that he has done it. “Since the beginning of my professional career in 1996, I’ve been asked, ‘Floyd, let’s do a documentary on your amateur career,’…the people are going to love it.”

As Lennox Lewis learned about Mayweather’s foresight to record all the ups and downs – all the special moments from his career, he could not help but praise the legendary fighter. In addition, Mayweather himself has suggested he is engrossed in making the docuseries ‘TBE.’ Would you watch the series about Mayweather’s life? Let us know in the comments below.

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