Gervonta Davis Gives Reality Check to Rolly Romero Choosing Between Al Haymon and Oscar De La Hoya; Names The Bigger Promoter

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Who is responsible for getting Ryan Garcia vs. Rolando Romero off the track? While the latter has his theories to present, Gervonta Davis, now Abdul Wahid, joined the argument by giving him a scathing reality check.

Earlier this week, Oscar De La Hoya, the feuding promoter of Ryan Garcia, told the world that his fight against ‘Rolly’ had fallen through, after the latter “priced himself out.” In developments thereon, Romero and ‘Golden Boy’ got into a heated exchange of words in their Instagram messages, which finally made their appearance on the fighter’s feed.While discussing it, he claimed that his promoter, Al Haymon, was the one calling the shots in today’s boxing industry, not Oscar De La Hoya. However, ‘Tank’ suggested another name, a name that, according to him, is the one actually calling the shots.

Not Oscar De La Hoya, Not Al Haymon, then who?

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On X, the 29-year-old, Baltimore native alluded that it was the founder of his previous promotion company, Floyd Mayweather, that holds the power in the boxing world, and not Al Haymon or Oscar De La Hoya. In a reply to Rolly’s post that claimed Haymon, the PBC showrunner, as being superior to Golden Boy, Tank noted, “Lol, dumb a** n***a think it’s Al. It’s Floyd dweeb..n***a didn’t catch on yet” The response, which seems to be deleted now, was however archived by boxing insider, Michael Benson.

Tank’s claims come in the light of many keenly observing the growing proximities between Garcia and the former welterweight champion, Floyd Mayweather. Their recent and shocking closeness had led many to believe that the fall of Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia, a fight that was very close to being made, fell through at the last moment, purely because of Floyd Mayweather. Many alluded that in fact, it was Floyd, pulling the strings from behind the curtain, who was responsible for the current drama in the super lightweight division.

That explains the fallout of the Golden Boy and Garcia’s talks with Devin Haney. However, what transpired between De La Hoya and Romero that led the latter to chastize him on social media.

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Rolly takes shot at De La Hoya

It may have begun with Ryan Garcia not agreeing to Romero’s payout demands. However, it quickly went south from there. In a post both on Instagram and X, Rolly shared screengrabs of his conversation with De La Hoya. In it, the promoter seeks a reason why the fighter was badmouthing him despite being offered good money. He wrote, “Man wtf bro, talking shit about me. I have nothing but respect for you. I offered a shit load of money to you and you turn it down? Go fight pitbull for pennies bro and good luck.”

Rolly responded with his signature sass and suave: “You should thank me and trademark…Oscar de la Fishnets. You’re welcome.” While their conversation itself raised some eyebrows, his caption of the post strengthened it further. He argued that Al Haymon was better than De La Hoya, to whom, Rolly referred to as, “Drug addicted Con-man.” 

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Furthering the attack on DAZN, the streaming company with whom De La Hoya has a standing deal, the 28-year-old fighter chose Amazon Prime over DAZN. Amazon is the newest avenue of PPV streaming that PBC struck a deal with after Showtime Boxing’s exit from streaming boxing matches.

He signed off the post with another mockery of the promoter, citing the famous ‘fishnets’ nickname for him, which stems from an old picture of De La Hoya in fishnets. While this fiasco continues to take its course, the concern now remains as to who Ryan Garcia will fight next. Who do you think could be his potential opponent? Let us know in the comments section below.

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