“Tank via homicide” – Fans react as Manny Pacquiao reportedly shows interest in fighting Gervonta Davis

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Rumours suggesting that Manny Pacquiao is currently contemplating a fight against Gervonta Davis have made their rounds on social media.

MMA Uncensored, a popular combat sports page on Instagram, recently uploaded a post suggesting that Pacquiao was interested in a fight with Davis, and that he is looking to close out his career in Saudi Arabia sometime this summer.

Fans flooded the comments section to react to the rumours. One user believed that the contest wouldn’t be close, saying:

“Tank via homicide”

Another used concurred, adding:

Gervonta Tank Davis

“Tank by murder”

Some questioned Pacquiao’s ability to withstand Davis’ power. One user commented:

“The only concern will be Manny’s chin”

User @uros.kovv made a joke referencing Gervonta Davis’ recent decision to convert to Islam, saying:

“Who is Gervonta Davis? I only know Abdul Wahid”

User @jknobz stated that they believed if both fight

User @jknobz stated that they believed if both fighters were in their prime, Manny Pacquiao would have no problems with Gervonta Davis, saying:

“Pac in his prime murders Davis”

User @jonathandjones compared the situation to that of Tony Ferguson, and likened a potential matchup between Pacquiao and Davis to Ferguson’s fight with Bobby Green, saying:

Tak Tanggung-tanggung, Manny Pacquiao Siap Duel Lawan Gervonta Davis, Tapi  Ini Syaratnya - Sporta News


“It’s giving Bobby Green vs. Tony Ferguson vibes”

Manny Pacquiao to face Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek in April 2024

Despite rumours suggesting a bout between Pacquiao and Davis, the Filipino legend’s next opponent will be Buakaw Banchamek, the Muay Thai and Thai kickboxing legend.

Manny Pacquiao will face Buakaw in a fight dubbed ‘The Match of Legends’ on April 20th at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. The fight will take place under international boxing rules and is scheduled for six, three-minute rounds. Between every round, the fighters will receive two-minute breaks.

The winner is also expected to receive a cash prize of at least 10 million baht.

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