Simone Biles Joins Jordan Chiles and Others To Fulfill a Young Girl’s Dream at Their Invitational Event

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Simone Biles Joins Jordan Chiles and Others To Fulfill a Young Girl’s Dream at Their Invitational Event

Not only does Simone Biles dominate gymnastics events with five named moves, including four graded at H or above in the 2022–2024 Code of Points for floor exercise but she also sealed her place as the most decorated gymnast by winning a record-setting number of career medals at global events(37)—more than any other gymnast in history, male or female. Adding to her lasting legacy, a few years back she brought her childhood ambition of hosting the Simone Biles Invitational to reality—inspired after attending the Mary Lou Retton Invitational as a child.

The international tournament took place this weekend with five elite gymnasts that train at the Biles family-owned—World Champions Centre.  Jordan Chiles and Zoe Miller including Biles were in attendance. Following the Biles Invitational, a gymnastics prodigy shared her amazing experience in a recent update.

Simone Biles’ Best Moves

Simone Biles teams up to inspire aspiring gymnasts

The seventh edition of the Simone Biles Invitational took place in the George R. Brown Convention Center in Texas this year. After its conclusion yesterday, an Instagram post was made by a level-6 gymnast Avery Fawcett sharing pictures with her idols in the video. Fawcett captioned it, “This was the most amazing experience ever! Meet and greet with 5 of my gymnast idols!.”

The multi-talented star Avery Fawcett from ‘Above The Bar Gymnastics Academy,’ scored 8.700 on the vault, 8.375 on the bars, 8.125 on the beams, and 9.200 on the floor exercise. She scored AA 34.400 on February 2, which was added to her L-6 personal bests, according to mymeetcodes.com.

The three-day event began on 2nd February with an elite compulsory qualifier which inspires and supports young gymnasts worldwide by giving them a platform to strive for excellence in their sport. The judges included Team US women’s artistic excellencies Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles, Zoe Miller, Joscelyn Roberson, and Tiana Sumanasekera. While the Biles Invitational saw the gymnastics elite hype the youngsters, behind the spotlight Simone’s husband Jonathan Owens also took on a special role.

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Officially Owens": US Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Marries Jonathan Owens

Jonathan Owens joins wife at Invitational

Over the years, the Simone Biles Invitational has made its name as one of the biggest gymnastics competitions in the world; bringing together a large number of athletes, coaches, elite gymnasts, and the famous ‘Athlete Glow Dance Party’ under one roof. In the middle of the championship hustle on the second day, Jonathan Owens appeared on an Instagram story posted by the WCC showing him patiently seated on a seat and assisting gymnasts with their applications.

Interestingly, 3,500 gymnasts were predicted to attend, so the event was fairly crowded. However, Owens’ tattoos and braided hair are noticeable in the video from the busy venue. Overall, the overwhelmingly positive responses from the people who attended the Biles Invitationals prove that all of the hard work that went into making it a success was worthwhile.

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