Terence Crawford: Even Declining Canelo Alvarez Would Beat Him

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Teofimo Lopez Takes Shot at Terence Crawford, Claims Even Declining Canelo Alvarez Would Beat Him

Teofimo Lopez is about to enter the ring against Jamaine Ortiz on February 8! However, he also wants all the beef with Terence Crawford. Today, ‘Take Over’ Lopez appeared in an interview with Ariel Helwani, claiming, “Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford likes to go after guys that are not the same, or they’re injured.”

He even suggested that Crawford wants to fight Canelo Alvarez because he is on the way out of the sport. “Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez is on the decline. Saul – whether he likes it or not – it is the truth,” said Lopez. However, following the interview being shared on YouTube today, he turned to X, doubling down on his statement in the interview.

Terence Crawford savors pummeling Errol Spence Jr. and critics - Los  Angeles Times


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Teofimo Lopez claims Canelo Álvarez is flat-footed

Speaking to Hewani in his interview, Lopez didn’t hold back! He said, “We can see it! [Canelo is] getting heavier, getting hefty, real flat-footed. He’s not as light as before.” Turning to Crawford, Lopez suggested ‘Bud’ wants to beat the now declining face of boxing because it would be easy for him. Lopez went as far as to call out Crawford for a fight!

“You just fight soft guys that make it seem like they’re tough guys just so that you can be the guy, but he’s no guy. Why can’t you fight me? I’m fresh, and I’m new, and I’m clean,” said Lopez. Later, he turned to X, claiming, “& even with the decline, he still won’t beat [Canelo Alvarez]. Too strong & too big!” As expected, these comments from Lopez managed to get a rise out of ‘Bud’ Crawford.

Canelo Alvarez shows off sublime head movement back in gym with Terrence  Crawford continued to be linked to

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Terence Crawford claims “b**ch a**” Lopez just speaks about him in front of the cameras

Not long after Lopez tweeted, Crawford hopped on X to respond to Lopez’s statements in the interview and the tweet. The former undisputed champion claimed he has never turned down a fight in his career. Regardless of whether it was a last-minute fight or he had to move up a weight division, Crawford claimed, “I fought them all.”

However, ‘Bud’ wasn’t done! In a later tweet, he stated, “And @TeofimoLopez [you] little b**ch a** better worry about them little guys that’s on yo a** down there in yo weight class. [It’s] crazy every time I see [you] h*e a** you don’t even look my way, but when you in front of a camera, you got so much to say. You a p*ssy.”

While Teofimo Lopez is gearing up to fight on February 8, his comments on Crawford have started a feud with Crawford that has the potential to boil up into a fight. However, only time can tell if that ever happens. Do you agree with Lopez’s remarks on Terence Crawford and Canelo Alvarez?


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