Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Dillian Whyte’s Brother Warns Tyson Fury, Not Confident Nasty Cut Will Heal Before Usyk Fight

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Tyson Fury’s tale took an unexpected turn. During sparring, he sustained a severe cut above his eye.

This wasn’t just any cut. It was deep, requiring stitches, and enough to postpone a highly anticipated bout against Oleksandr Usyk. Dean Whyte, brother to heavyweight Dillian Whyte, shared his thoughts.

His insights? They raise eyebrows. Could this injury be a twist of fate or a strategic pause? Whyte hints at something deeper, questioning the cut’s recovery time. Will Fury be ready for the rescheduled clash on 18th May?

Tyson Fury

Will Tyson Fury make it to fight night?

Dean Whyte delved into the complexity of Tyson Fury’s situation. “Well listen, this is boxing, man. Anything happens in boxing, heavyweight boxing,” he began. Transitioning smoothly into the specifics of Fury’s dilemma, he detailed, “And when you’re sparring, you can get headbutts, you can get elbows and cuts around.”

Whyte remarked on Fury’s unfortunate propensity for injuries, “We know Fury’s prone to pull out and cuts and so but that cut was a very big cut. So I won’t begrudge him to pull out because what? You going to go against the Undisputed Cruiserweight champ, the unified heavyweight, that’s madness.”

Whyte’s commentary further deepened with a hint of doubt regarding the cut’s healing timeline. “I’m not so sure that cut heals in three and a half months, we’re going to see. But what we will be sure is that Usyk will target that eye in the rescheduled bout and we’re going to see what Tyson Fury does,” Whyte said.

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His analysis culminates in a reflection on the significance of the fight itself. “But it’s a great fight. I’m going to be tuning in so let’s see what happens,” Whyte concluded, transitioning from his concerns to an acknowledgment of the bout’s importance.

His Excellency also added a $10 million fine in their contract so that none of the guys pull out. Fabio Wardley had something to say about that.

The $10 million clause that shocked the world

“Jesus Christ, who signed that? I gotta check my contract,” remarked an astonished Fabio Wardley to iFL TV, underscoring the severity of the situation. This dramatic twist was unveiled by Saudi advisor Turki Alalshikh on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour, stating, “If Usyk is scared, I will call for [Anthony] Joshua vs. Tyson… If Tyson is scared, any fighter Usyk wants.”

This security clause not only heightens the tension but solidifies the fight’s status as a must-happen event, reflecting the high stakes involved in this boxing showdown.

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Will this serve as the ultimate motivation for Fury and Usyk, or will it introduce a new layer of strategy in the high-stakes chess game of boxing promotions?

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