Francis Ngannou sends warning to Anthony Joshua while claiming he beat Tyson Fury

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The former UFC champion is filled with confidence ahead of his second-ever boxing fight

Francis Ngannou already had plenty of fans, but he earned a lot of appreciation and gained thousands of new fans when he made his boxing debut a few months ago.

Ngannou went toe-to-toe with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in the ring, giving the boxing behemoth one of his toughest fights ever and even knocking him down. The judges ended up favoring Fury in a decision, but many still believe Ngannou did enough to win. Of course, so does Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou claims he beat Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou

The former UFC champion, while appearing on the “High Performance Podcast”, said he believes he was robbed of the victory.

I won. Look at me now, look at my life, look at where I was when you think I lost. You think because some foolish judges make some decision, that changes anything in my life? The dream that I was in since I was kid, I was, that night, living that dream on top of the world. I was there. And for all the people that (have) been doubting me, I was there proving them wrong. I won everything.

Francis Ngannou says he will take Anthony Joshua’s soul

With Fury in the rearview mirror for now, Ngannou is preparing to attempt another boxing stunner. He will face Anthony Joshua on March 8 in his second-ever boxing bout.

Ngannou wants to do whatever it takes to not let the decision go to the judges’ hands. He proceeded to send a warning to Joshua, as well.

Tyson Fury VS Francis Ngannou

Nothing is impossible, right? We don’t know the strength of Anthony Joshua but… I don’t believe he has that strength, but we’re going to find out. We’re going to find out, and I think the reverse is going to happen. I’m going to be the one taking his soul.

Joshua, like Ngannou, has something to prove. He’s been at the very top of the heavyweight division but hasn’t held a title since losing all of his belts to Oleksandr Usyk in September of 2021.

With three straight wins, Joshua has to keep the momentum going in order to get another world title shot.

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