“Seems Insufferable”: Fans Commend Former Anthony Joshua Rival for Showing Immense Patience Against an Aggravated Man

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Paul Butlin doesn’t fear much outside the ring, since he’s been imposed with so many punishments inside it. This was evident in his recent video, where a random stranger is trying to batter him with words. Stepping into the boxing ring with Anthony Joshua for his second professional fight in 2013, Paul Butlin faced a daunting challenge. The 6ft 6in Olympic gold medalist delivered a right hand that left Butlin with a sizable cut above his eye in round two.

However, this was just one episode in Butlin’s eventful career. During the Derek Chisora rematch, Chisora took an unconventional approach, reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s infamous bite on Evander Holyfield, by biting Butlin’s ear. This incident led to Chisora’s boxing ban for four months. Despite the physical toll and unusual encounters, when Butlin retired from boxing in 2016, he seamlessly transitioned into a new career by becoming a bailiff. However, it came with its own difficulties, as is evident from a recently resurfaced clip.

Anthony Joshua

Man threatens to “punch the f**k out of” Anthony Joshua’s former rival Paul Butlin

Paul Butlin, known for his resilience in the boxing ring, unexpectedly found himself in the spotlight after a viral confrontation at his current job. Originally shared in 2021, the clip regained attention when boxing reporter Michael Benson reposted it. The video depicts a heated exchange between Butlin and an enraged man upset over a delivered letter concerning an outstanding fine. With 1.1 million views on YouTube and circulating on platforms like TikTok, this incident has brought Butlin more attention than his bout against Joshua.

And even there, thousands more have witnessed the contentious encounter. The man in the video was unaware of Butlin’s past status as he threatened to “punch the f**k out of” Butlin, saying, “I’ll absolutely f***ing annihilate you.” In response, Butlin, avoiding conflict, calmly stated, “I’m not here to fight you; I’m not a fighter, mate.” Fortunately, the situation did not escalate to violence, and the men resolved the issue amicably.

Nevertheless, fans were impressed by Butlin’s composure and commended him for his adept handling of such a chaotic situation.

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

Fans were impressed by Paul Butlin’s restraint

One fan remarked that it requires considerable restraint for someone like Butlin not to retaliate with a punch at the first disrespectful remark directed towards him.

Another fan stated that Paul Butlin was already aware that the result could be nothing but ugly if he had started the altercation with the provocative man. So, he chose the wiser path instead.

One fan mentioned that they were annoyed by the man who held the camera and was shouting at the former boxer.

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou

A fan, however, stated that he would choose the man with the camera in a fight since Butlin lost to someone like Anthony Joshua.

An X user called the angry man “lucky” that Butlin had so much patience, referring to him as “a saint.”

Otherwise, he’d have been annihilated if it had been somebody else in his place.

The majority of fans had nothing but praise for Paul Butlin’s actions. Most of them sided with Butlin’s approach to handling the situation. What are your thoughts on this? Share them in the comments section.

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