“I felt like I won”: Jamaine Ortiz Questions Teofimo Lopez After Controversial Loss

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‘Disappointed’ Jamaine Ortiz Questions Teofimo Lopez’s Effectiveness After Controversial Loss

In Las Vegas, a fight night ended in an uproar. Teofimo Lopez retained his title, but not without controversy. Jamaine Ortiz emerged virtually unscathed, his face a testament to evasion. Yet, judges saw a different fight. “Besides his headbutt, my face is clean,” Ortiz declared, questioning Lopez’s effectiveness.

The scorecards—115-113117-111—sparked disbelief. Fans booed, critics fumed. Ortiz felt robbed, hinting at a victory the crowd and his corner saw too. How could a fight so visually one-sided be judged otherwise?

Jamaine Ortiz expects 'the best version of Teofimo Lopez' in their Ring  championship clash - The Ring

In the heated aftermath of the bout, Ortiz didn’t hold back his thoughts. “Disappointed, once again in the boxing game,” he began, his voice a mix of frustration and disbelief. He firmly believed he had dominated the night. “I felt like I won. I felt from the crowd I won, from my team I won, from my corner, just everything around me. I felt like I was dominating the fight,” he remarked.

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Ortiz’s confidence stemmed not just from the crowd’s reaction, but from his own assessment of the fight’s dynamics. “He couldn’t touch me besides his headbutt, my face is clean. Dude couldn’t hit me, not one time, not to the body, not to the head,” Ortiz asserted.

Furthermore, Ortiz elaborated on his tactical superiority. “A lot more effective,” he claimed, detailing his strategy to counter Lopez’s advances. “When he kept coming in, I kept making him miss and then catching him with a check hook. I was landing my jabs, I was keeping him at bay with my jab. Every time at the end of the rounds, I was finishing strong.”

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CompuBox stats lend weight to Ortiz’s claims. Initially, Lopez threw an average of 12 power punches to Ortiz’s 19 in the first 5 rounds. Lopez upped his aggression, averaging 18 power punches in the following 6 rounds, but Ortiz maintained a consistent performance, averaging 15

Despite Lopez’s late surge of 36 power punches in the final round, the fight’s statistics reveal a closely matched contest. The two fighters landed an equal number of punches in half the rounds, with a minimal separation in the others. Specifically, Lopez landed six more power punches and 21 more body punches overall, whereas Ortiz out-jabbed Lopez by eight.



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