Floyd Mayweather vs Ex-girlfriend Princess Love: What Happened Between Them? All We Know About Their Controversial Relationship

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Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has been in the news for reasons other than just boxing. Unfortunately for him, one of them includes a robbery.

Mayweather retired, but not before making sure that he was one of the richest athletes in the world. While financial stability is a no-brainer for Mayweather now, his dating life has not been quite that stable. However, of all the chaotic involvements he has had, one stands out for a peculiar reason.

His relationship with Princess Love, who used to be a part of the ‘Money Team’ did not just have a bad ending, there was a sequel to it as well. Let us see what unfolded between the two.

Floyd Mayweather

Princess Love Norwood, known for her work as a model and fashion designer, gained prominence through her appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Initially introduced as a supporting cast member in the show’s second season, she established herself in the entertainment industry. Her relationship with Mayweather bloomed when the boxer was having troubles in his engagement. Despite facing challenges in their relationship, Floyd Mayweather and his fiancée Shantel Jackson were engaged until 2014 when they parted ways in a spat that turned ugly.

While they were having issues in their relationship, Mayweather began extensively promoting a female member of ‘The Money Team.’ This individual, known as Princess Love, started sharing images of the gifts she was receiving from Mayweather. Turns out she was cheating on him with the R&B singer Ray J. Moreover, the alleged affair was brought to light by Mayweather’s former friend, 50 Cent. The rapper uploaded a series of posts on Instagram quite evidently hinting at Love’s infidelity, asking the boxer to “repo” his gifts to her. It did not just end with infidelity, there is more to the story.

Rumors of Princess Love robbing Floyd Mayweather

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According to a source, Princess Love allegedly conspired with an accomplice to burglarize one of his Las Vegas homes on the night of September 14, 2013, coinciding with Mayweather’s victory over Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. The thieves reportedly stole eight Rolex watches, almost $10,000 in cash, and various other items from the residence, where Princess Love may have been staying.

Princess Love purportedly tried to deflect blame onto a friend for the robbery, but Mayweather spoke with the friend, who confessed that Princess Love orchestrated the theft. The friend also allegedly informed Mayweather about Princess Love’s romantic involvement with rapper Ray J. The source further claimed that Princess Love and Ray J went on a Miami vacation together a few months prior, a claim seemingly supported by Princess Love’s Instagram posts from the trip. What did Love have to say about

It seems that Love did find her love in Ray J. Shortly after announcing their engagement on the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, Ray J and Princess Love appeared on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. During the interview, they candidly discussed their relationship, with Ray J expressing his readiness to commit and settle down. When asked about her relationship with Mayweather, she clarified “It never was about the money…I fell in love with Ray, it was towards the end.”

Ray J and Princess Love exchanged vows in August 2016 in a lavish ceremony at Vibiana, featured on their show Love and Hip Hop Hollywood (LHHH). Despite the fairytale beginning, their marriage faced numerous challenges, leading Princess to file for divorce in May 2020. Prior to the divorce announcement, Love took to Instagram Live, alleging Ray J’s infidelity during their marriage. However, they also called off the divorce last year.

Mayweather might have taken several losses due to this relationship but it seems to have worked out for Ray J, who interestingly, used to be a part of the ‘Money Team’ as well.


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